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bookerWe are continuing to pay tribute to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. The man we are checking out today is none other than the six time world champion Booker T. Booker T is one of those guys that will go down whether it be one of the best in Tag Team history in WCW to overall greatness as a singles competitor in WCW and the WWE. The match we are covering for today is Booker T’s match at the 1998 WCW Spring Stampede at the Denver Coliseum when he defended his WCW Television Title against The Crippler Chris Benoit. After two straight time limit draws on Nitro and Thunder, the two of them were here to settle the score once and for all. Both men locked up in the beginning of the match to test for an advantage and Booker struck early with a running shoulder that sent Benoit hard into the mat and to the outside to regroup. No matter the flurry of punishing blows Benoit would deal to Booker T, Booker always had an answer and would regain the advantage.

booker-tThe advantage wouldn’t last too long as Benoit was able to gain some leverage with a kick to the chest of his opponent when Booker bent down to deliver a backbody drop. He would eventually send Booker reeling to the outside after dropping him on the top rope midsection first. Benoit began wearing Booker T down whether it was with devastating Knife edge chops or working on the right knee of Booker T’s. Eventually like The Dynamite Kid, Chris would climb the ropes and he would nail the patent flying headbutt, but Booker T was done yet and he wasn’t giving up as he kicked out twice from the pin attempt’s. Benoit never let up for most of the match and was punishing Booker T with the tres German suplexes and even a big suplex from the top rope. Benoit though was slow to get to the cover which gave Booker T the opportunity to come back into the match and he changed the gears with a simple spinebuster. After we were treated to a spin-a-roony from Booker T, he tried for the axe kick, but Benoit moved the referee in his way and Booker hit the ref with it. After taking advantage and slapping the Crippler Crossface on Booker T with the ref down, he would let go as soon as Booker T tapped, but there is no referee. There’s no one there to see it if he is down on the mat out cold. As soon as Benoit woke the referee, he was hit with a Harlem sidekick and Booker T covered him for the 1-2-3. These two would go on to have some amazing matches in the WWE int he early to mid 2000’s.