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062713hooplaWe are continuing to pay tribute to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. The man we are checking out today is none other than Ring Of Honor star Jay Lethal. The first time I ever saw Jay Lethal, he had a persona in TNA that was him acting like the Macho Man Randy Savage for a very long time as I believe he went by The Machismo King. In 2013 at A Night Of Hoopla, Lethal and Delirious paid tribute to the Macho Man Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior and their match at WrestleMania VII which was a retirement match. The match started out with Lethal reenacting everything from that night and doing it perfectly as special guest referee Maria Kanellis watched in amazement. Delirious would make his way down to ringside and did his best impression of the Warrior when he reached the ring apron. Although as it looked like Lethal was trying to gain an advantage from hitting him from behind, Delirious would turn at the right moment and Lethal wanted no part of it.

16Delirious was staying on top of Lethal, not allowing him to have the advantage with some impressive atomic drops and even slamming Lethal into “Sensational Sheri” when she tried to get in the ring. Delirious was really bringing it to Lethal until he tried for a splash of sorts in the corner that saw Lethal move out of the way and Delirious exit the ring. After trading advantages back and forth for most of the match Delirious was able to get himself pumped up after taking six elbows from the top rope to the point he was clothes-lining Lethal and eventually delivered the Warrior splash, but Lethal would kick out on the pin attempt. After that Delirious began questioning the Gods and wondering just how was Lethal able to kick out of that? That gave Lethal enough time to regain his composure and attack Delirious sending him to the outside. Lethal would then fail to execute an Axehandle smash to Delirious on a chair when Delirious was able to get Sheri off of him and proceed to move out of the way. However what happened next was changing history (for what really should have happened) as Delirious was done delivering three shoulder blocks, he put his foot on the chest of Lethal for a pin. After Lethal kicked out, he rolled Delirious up and he got the 1-2-3 and the win.