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big-e-vs-dolphWe are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. The man we are checking out today is none other than The New Day’s Big E Langston as we are covering every member of The New Day separately. We are rewinding to March 25, 2014 when Big E was the WWE Intercontinental Champion and he had to defend the championship against Dolph Ziggler at that edition of Main Event in Boston, MA. Earlier in the night, Dolph had earned the right to face Big E after he won a triple threat match against Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. You had to figure that Dolph wasn’t going to be 100% entering the match against the massive Big E, but we all know that Dolph never quits that easily. It was going to be a match of speed vs power and if Dolph wanted to win, he had to keep the match going in a fast pace environment while avoiding the brute power of Big E.

big-eIn the beginning of the match, Big E used his power to get the best of Dolph as he used all 300 lbs to keep Dolph isolated on the mat. Despite a nice dropkick from Ziggler, Big E was able to keep his advantage with a huge clubbing clothesline that sent Ziggler to the outside to regroup. When we came back from commercial break, it looked like Big E was still in control until he went shoulder first into the steel ring post and then Dolph began his flurry of fists and stinger like splashes. Despite the effort, Big E would make a comeback, but the two for the rest of the match would be trading advantages with Dolph hitting a big time DDT, but Big E hung in there. After Ziggler tried to hit the zig zag, Big E would brush him off and hit him with another clubbing clothesline, but Dolph would kick out on the pin attempt. After the straps came off, Big E would try for the big ending, but Dolph would hit the famouser, but Big E kicks out. Dolph would then try to hit a Superkick, but Big turned into a Big Ending and that was all she wrote. Even though I love The New Day, I would love to see Big E get a big push in the WWE.