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18We are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. For today, we are leaving the men’s division to check out one of the most intimidating women to ever wrestle in TNA Impact Wrestling history which is Awesome Kong. Before the WWE took their women’s division serious by giving them main event spots on Raw and Smackdown, etc. TNA had been doing that for years with their Knockouts division which was the best in the business at one time. One of the greatest TNA Knockouts Division rivalry of all time is between the legends Gail Kim and Awesome Kong who on the January 10, 2008 episode of TNA Impact became the first women to be the main event. Awesome Kong had already challenged for the TNA Knockouts title on two previous occasions as she lost both efforts. This time she was hoping that the third time was going to be a charm for her as she took on the veteran.

awesome-kongDespite Gail Kim’s speed and agility, Awesome Kong used her size and 150 lb weight difference to her advantage as she took the fight to the outside of the ring as she slammed Kim against the the wall of the ramp. Before we went into commercial break, Awesome Kong set up Kim against the wall of the ramp to try and smash into her, but at the last moment, Kim ran out of the way and Kong went through it. When we came back from break, Kim was able to gain control of the match after a spinning DDT temporarily stunned Kong. She tried for a pin attempt, but Kong kicked out. She then hit a senton, but Kong would kick out of the pin attempt again. Raisha Saeed (Kong’s associate) would provide enough of a distraction that allowed Kong to take over with first a choke slam and then an Implant Buster, but Kim would kick out of the pin attempt. Then it happened, Kim tried to drop kick Kong to the mat, but it didn’t work. She then tried to climb the ropes to hit what looked like a hurricanrana, but the power of Kong allowed her to powerbomb her twice without letting go and then on the third she hits the Awesome Bomb and that was all she wrote as she got the 1-2-3. Awesome Kong was your new TNA Impact Knockouts Champion.