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bad-news-brown-vs-ken-pateraWe are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. The man we are checking out today was one of the baddest dudes in the business in Bad News Brown. In 1988, Bad News Brown had made some highlights when he betrayed his friend Bret Hart to win the Battle Royal at WrestleMania IV. Later on in the year at Summerslam 1988, he would take on former Pan America Champion Ken Patera at the Mecca of Wrestling at Madison Square Garden. When we got to the match, Bad News Brown was already in the ring, but as soon as Ken Patera came in, he was attacked by Bad News Brown who was just unloading on the Olympic weightlifting legend. It wouldn’t be long though before Patera mustered up some offense as he hit Bad News Brown with a clothesline out of desperation.

brownHe started bringing it to Bad News Brown with some big rights and lefts and even a huge elbow that sent Brown reeling to the mat. After hitting a body slam to Brown, Patera mace the mistake of hitting the ropes to try and deliver an elbow as Brown scouted that and moved out of the way. Brown started to punish Patera with some huge fists and some chokes that he tried to get away with, but of course he would let go at four before he was disqualified. At one point, it looked like Patera was going to make a comeback as he tried to wear Brown down in a bear hug, but Brown got out of it. Patera tried to do a shoulder block to the corner, but Brown would move out of the way forcing Patera to hit the steel post shoulder first. That was the point in the match when Brown would hit Patera with the ghetto blaster and the rest was history as he got the 1-2-3. Unfortunately for Bad News Brown, he wouldn’t last very long in the company as he was let go in 1990 I believe. He was more of a predominate force in Japan and Canada. March 6 of this year will mark the ten year anniversary of the passing of Allen Coage a.k.a. Bad News Brown.