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280x157-0tzWe are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. We have already covered not one, but two members of The New Day this month, but you may be asking me how are you covering the third and final member Xavier Woods? Well, it’s quite simple, Woods at one time was in TNA where he went by the name of Consequences Creed. Well on August 10, 2008 at Hard Justice, Creed faced then X-Division champion Petey Williams at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ. Creed had made quite the splash when he entered TNA and on an episode of Impact, he defeated Petey Williams in a non title match which earned him the number one contender spot at Hard Justice. Petey Williams didn’t have his corner man in Big Poppa Pump in his corner that night, but he had Rhaka Khan, but that didn’t phase Creed. Rhaka Khan tried to be a distraction in the beginning of the match, but Creed was on top of his game as he was winning the ground game with Williams.

22The first turning point of the match came when Creed tried to perform a Moonsault over the top rope. He hits the moonsault, but on the way down he caught the back of his head on the ring apron. He tried to shake it off, but that gave Williams his chance to take over hitting Creed with a lung blower in the ring. Petey was nailing some impressive moves not allowing Creed to muster any offense like the leaping over the top rope to deliver what looked like a crossbody, but instead became a hurricanrana. Creed never gave up though as in one part of the match, he was hitting Petey with impressive right jabs and elbows and then out of nowhere he hits Petey with a springboard one handed bulldog. Eventually the two began throwing everything they could each other to try and win the match like Petey reversing the Military press double knee gutbuster into a sharpshooter. Creed would eventually hit Petey with the Creed DDT which he followed with a guillotine leg drop.

23The only problem is that both wrestlers were refusing to lose. Then out of nowhere Rhaka Khan entered the ring and was met with a fireman’s carry cutter for her trouble, but that gave Petey enough time to compose himself. Petey indeed tried to take advantage, but when he went for the Canadian destroyer, Creed reversed it into an underhook driver (which you can see to the left of this paragraph). Then out of nowhere, Sheik Abdul Bashir made his way down to ringside with a steel chair in hand. Creed didn’t seem to notice or care that he was there because when he tried to hi the ropes for momentum, he was met with the chair to his back by Bashir. That is when Petey took advantage by hitting Creed with the Canadian destroyer for the win. A very entertaining match, but we all know what Creed’s fate would become later on in his career.