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elimination_chamber_2017Last night’s WWE Elimination Chamber was a pretty decent night overall that had a lot of upsets in my opinion. I predicted certain matches a certain way cause I thought that maybe the WWE would go one way to set up further matches down the road and then there were matches that went the way I thought they would. One of the biggest moments of the night was the crowning of a new WWE Champion in Bray Wyatt when he defeated AJ Styles last to win the WWE Championship after eliminating John Cena before him. It was a match that was excellent and had all of the thrills that you would expect from an Elimination Chamber match. I like that the WWE went with safety first when it came to the chamber as they added padding on the inside of the structure. The biggest surprises to me was the fact that they had Becky Lynch defeat Mickie James because I thought for sure it would set up a rivalry, but it still very well could. The other was Naomi winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship, but after the match I thought about it and said to myself with WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, I’m really not surprised anymore. Not to take anything away from her win, she had improved a lot over the years.

bray-2I knew American Alpha was going to win the match, but they could have done more for the Ascension. Alpha was just decimated by The USOS and the Ascension come down, beat the crap out of them, but lose out of nowhere. Not a very good finish for that match, it just makes them look like jokes especially when your commentators are calling them the most dominate team in NXT. I thought for sure that Dolph was going to win the match especially after eliminating Kalisto from the picture in the beginning, but as soon as Kalisto reappeared, I said that Dolph was screwed. I had a feeling that Randy Orton was going to win his match because there was no way he was losing before WrestleMania. The only thing I am wondering now is how is the WWE going to handle this situation now that Randy Orton is going to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33? Only time will tell, but I am excited for WrestleMania 33 because I will be in Orlando for it. Now as far as my card is concerned, I went 4-4 as far as predictions, but I scored 62 points out of a possible which is 53%. I did better than last month, but hopefully it gets better with WWE Fastlane. Check out my card below: