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37We are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. For today, we are covering a man who has been a constant with the WWE since the attitude era and that man is the world’s strongest man Mark Henry. At the point of Summerslam 2011, Mark Henry had been the most dominating force in the company as he put both The Big Show and Kane on the shelf. It looked like there was no one in the company that wanted to step up the world’s strongest man. That was until “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus stepped up to the plate to challenge the big man setting up their match at the Staples Center. Sheamus did not look intimidated at all when he entered the ring and it looked like Henry was going to use his size to his advantage, but Sheamus wasn’t having any of it. Unfortunately the tides would soon change when Henry tossed Sheamus out of the ring to create some separation after some clubbing blows from Sheamus.

38It’s truly amazing the kind of strength that Henry has because he simply lifted Sheamus up and threw him like he was nothing back into the ring. Henry began using his size to his advantage with a huge clothesline, body splash, and even did a leapfrog body guillotine when Sheamus was hung up on the rope. No matter what Sheamus tried to do, Henry was there to cut it off with huge power moves. The night looked very bleak for the Celtic Warrior as Henry was calculating his every move. You could tell that Henry wanted to destroy Sheamus in the ring cause he was doing it. At one point in the match, Henry went for the world’s strongest splash, but when he came down nobody was home as Sheamus rolled out of the way. This was Sheamus’s chance to do some damage to Henry who was reeling. Sheamus began his comeback with some huge axehandle smashes and the Beats of the Bodhrán. After a few offensive maneuvers, Sheamus would nail Henry with the Brogue kick, but the only problem is that Henry rolled out of the ring due to the kick. As soon as Sheamus grabbed Henry on the outside, Henry picked him up like he was setting him for the world’s strongest slam and proceeded to slam him against the ring post and through the security barricade. In the aftermath of it, Henry would go back into the ring and he allowed the referee to count Sheamus out for the win.