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43We are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. For today, we are covering a man that was a relative big man in the world of wrestling (comparative to the man he faces in this match). I am talking about former football player turned wrestler Ernie “The Cat” Ladd who in April of 1976 took on Andre The Giant in Madison Square Garden in a classic WWWF match. After both men were announced and the bell rang, Ernie took his sweet time procrastinating making Andre wait anxiously in the ring for him. When it came time for him to enter the ring, he made Andre back up, but as soon as Andre approached him, he tried to escape, but Andre didn’t allow it as he started clubbing away on Ladd. For most of the match, Andre used his size to dominate until at one moment when Ladd turned to some dirty tactics to gain some separation. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long as Andre slapped on a big era hug.

44Anytime, Ernie would try to fight back, Andre was there to cut him off with some pretty big slaps. Then Andre began working on the legs of Ernie Ladd to try and keep him grounded so that Andre could dominate the match. It was paying off for Andre for a huge amount of time as he was just picking apart Ernie Ladd. At one point in the match, it looked like Ernie had something concealed in his thumb because when he hit Andre, it dazed the eight wonder of the world to the point that he was on the mat with one arm tangled in the ropes. Ernie would continue to give Andre some big shots, but eventually Andre would hit him with a shot to the throat and a big back body drop that put Ladd right on his keister. Ladd had had enough with Andre so he hightailed it out of the ring and back to the locker room where he was counted out.