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40We are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month.The wrestler we are reviewing for today may be considered one of the greatest to come out of the Attitude Era of the WWE in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Not only was he a superstar in the ring, but he has been proving for a long time that he is a superstar out of the ring. The match I chose for today is one of the matches that has been considered brutal because of the outcome and a match according to Mick Foley and his documentary that upset Vince McMahon. At the 1999 Royal Rumble at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA. The Rock took on Mankind in an I Quit Match. The question heading into the match was how was The Rock going to make a man that was thrown off the top of a hell in a cell and went back for more quit? How was he going to make a man that was the winner of the King Of The Deathmatch quit? He had to figure out a way to defeat the deranged one who enjoys pain.

47Mankind started off the match just pummeling away at the Rock with rights and lefts and even a running knee in the corner. Mankind would proceed to beat the Rock with the microphone after the Rock refused to quit in fact telling him that he was going to beat his candy a**. The Rock would create some separation when he reversed and threw Mankind against the steel steps, but he wasted too much time showboating, grabbing Michael Cole’s headset and talking which allowed Mankind to get back in the attack. Mankind would eventually breakout Mr. Socko and he would hit The Rock with the mandible claw. After the Rock was out cold, Mankind grabbed the microphone to say that he wasn’t finished with The Rock yet. Unfortunately for Mick, The Rock would take control of the match on the outside of the ring where he would use the ring bell on Mankind and even gave him a botched Rock bottom on top of the Spanish announce table. The two of them were throwing everything at each other from uses of ladders, DDT’s on the concrete floor, and they even climbed to the next section up from the floor.

48The Rock aimed for it and hit Mick Foley right off the rafter and into the circuit board where it seemed like it blew a transformer with all the sparks that were flying. It was at this point that the match drastically change for the worse for Mankind. Shane McMahon pleaded with The Rock to stop, but Rocky insisted. Beating him on the way back to the ring, The Rock decided to handcuff Foley with his arms behind his back. Mankind was defenseless, what was he going to do with his hands and barely able to stand. All he could do was kick and while he did that, it wasn’t good enough when you have a Brahma bull with full use of his arms. After suffering a people’s elbow with a chair on his head and ten straight chair shots to the head, The Rock grabbed the mic and placed it to Mankind’s head where we heard his voice utter the words I Quit. While the audio is very questionable as to whether it was really the bloodied Mick Foley saying it, there was no denying that The Rock was the brand new WWF Champion. I thoroughly enjoyed the match even though it was a brutal match towards the end, but that is the beauty of an I quit Attitude Era match.