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lashley-mcmahonWe are continuing to pay tribute here at Mr. X’s Punch Out to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month and today is the last entry. The last superstar that we are covering for this is the current kingpin over at TNA Impact Wrestling in Bobby Lashley. Not too many people realize that at one time, Bobby Lashley made an impact in the WWE the mid to late 2000’s when he burst on the scene. After beating the Big Show on an episode of ECW to become the ECW Heavyweight Champion, he would later drop it to Mr. McMahon due to the help of Umaga and Shane McMahon. At the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena for WWE One Night Stand, he would face Mr. McMahon in a street fight for the ECW Championship, but once again Mr. McMahon had both Umaga and Shane McMahon in his corner. As the match started, he was starring down both of the McMahons, but he decided that it was a better option to take out the big man Umaga with a botched moonsault over the ropes that definitely hurt Lashley.

51Despite that, Lashley began dominating the match and it looked like he was going to handle the disadvantage of three against one very well, but like all else the numbers game eventually catches up to you. As he went to powerslam Mr. McMahon on the steel chair in the center of the ring, Umaga made the save and Shane DDT’d him on top of the chair. The numbers game was just too much for Lashley as they brutalized him inside and outside of the ring with the three on one assault. Things looked absolutely hopeless for the young man responsible for Mr. McMahon having a shaved head. After choking him with the camera wire, they threw him back in the ring and into Umaga who delivered a punishing Samoan drop, but when McMahon went for the cover, Lashley kicked out at two. Eventually Bobby found his opportunity to strike when Umaga went for the big splash and landed on Mr. McMahon after Lashley moved away.

52He cleaned house and then hit Mr. McMahon several times with the chair before nailing him with the dominator. The only problem is on the pin attempt, Umaga pulled him to the outside from the ring. There Umaga would hit him with a superkick followed by a big splash and then he set Lashley up on the ECW announcers table where he then was the victim of an elbow by Shane McMahon as the table collapsed. Even after that, Lashley would kick out on the pin attempt and a frustrated Umaga would continue to work on him hitting a Samoan Wrecking Ball. After Shane would have Umaga hold a trash can against the corner for a coast to coast dropkick, but as soon as he went for it, Lashley moved out of the way. Lashley would proceed to deliver a spear to Shane and then one to the Boss as he covered him after for the 1-2-3. Bobby Lashley was once again ECW World Champion.