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hqdefault-1It is day three of our Countdown To WrestleMania 33 where we review a match a day from all 32 WrestleMania’s leading up to the big day in Orlando, Florida on April 2ND. We are getting back into the DeLorean and we are heading to 1986 for WrestleMania III which promised to be the bigger, better, and badder WrestleMania than the previous two. Well 93,000 plus people at the Pontiac Silverdome will back up that fact as they were in for one hell of a show that day. The match we are reviewing features a man who would later become the self proclaimed greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time in the Honky Tonk Man who took on one of the greatest ring psychologists and inventor of the DDT in Jake “The Snake” Roberts who was accompanied to the ring by shock rock king Alice Cooper. After suffering a guitar shot to the head by the Honky Tonk Man (which legitimately injured him), Jake was out for revenge and to make sure that Jimmy Hart didn’t get involved, Alice promised to be there. Before he could even get into the ring, Jake “The Snake” Roberts went right after him.

55He didn’t even allow him to take off his suit as he hit him with nice rights and lefts. He even chased him out of the ring and bodyslammed him on the outside. Honky Tonk Man would get a small window of offense, but Jake was on a mission. He would try for a DDT to finish the match, but Honky Tonk managed to escape the ring. As soon as Jake went to the outside to get HT, Jimmy Hart did his part and distracted him enough that HT threw him against the steel post grounding The Snake. He would have a nice flurry of offense that included dropping a fist from the second rope, some rights and lefts, but he made the mistake of not trying for the Shake, Rattle & Roll (swinging neckbreaker) when he had the chance. When he finally did go for it, Jake countered with a back body drop and some impressive offense would follow. When Jake finally signaled for the DDT, Jimmy Hart would gran a hold of his leg stalling him enough that Honky Tonk Man rolled him up for the pin and used the ropes to his advantage which the referee did not see. Honky Tonk Man stole that one. After the match, Jake got his revenge by unleashing Damian on Jimmy Hart. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.