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1We are continuing right down the line here as we countdown the days until WrestleMania 33 which comes live to us on April 2ND from Orlando, Florida. It’s day five and I have decided to once again cover a tag team match only because the dynamics of tag team wrestling can be more exciting than a regular singles match. We are going to WrestleMania V where my favorite tag team ever Demolition were looking to extract some revenge on Mr. Fuji who betrayed the tag team at the Survivor Series in favor of another monstrous team by the name of The Powers Of Pain (The Barbarian and The Warlord). The betrayal led right to this as Demolition took on The Powers Of Pain and Mr. Fuji in a handicap match for the WWF Tag Team Titles. It was a match that was going to be power vs power as both tag teams were pure powerhouses so no fancy wrestling here. Nonetheless, The Warlord started the match out with Ax and as both men battled for the first advantage, Ax hammered away on The Warlord.

2They looked effective at first with the double team and the frequent tags for Demolition, but that would all change as Warlord lifted Smash and slammed him against the corner giving Warlord a chance to tag in The Barbarian. However their advantage wouldn’t last for long as Smash was able to regain control and they began to cut off the ring as they hit him with elbows and bodyslams. They were also frequently tagging each other out to keep a guy fresh at all times. After Mr. Fuji distracted Ax, The Powers Of Pain were able to regain control as they triple teamed him. One thing I will say is that Mr. Fuji looked impressive in the ring as he nailed Ax with some chops and even dropped a headbutt into the midsection of Ax before he would tag in The Barbarian. Things were looking bleak for the tag team champions and if they wanted a chance to survive, Ax had to make the tag to Smash. And after a mistake from Mr. Fuji, Ax finally made the tag and Smash began cleaning house taking both Powers Of Pain out too. At one point, Smash tried to pin Warlord, but The Barbarian came in for the save and Ax immediately attacked him to the outside leaving Smash alone in the ring with Mr. Fuji and The Warlord. The Warlord had Smash in a full nelson when Fuji reached into his trunks and pulled out more salt. As soon as he went to throw it, Smash ducked and the salt went into the eyes of The Warlord. Then they proceeded to set Fuji up and successfully hit him with the Demolition Decapitation and then they pinned him for the win. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.