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Official_WWE_Fastlane_2017_posterI was absolutely beside myself last night at the way the WWE treated it’s top and very best heel in Kevin Owens last night. The man who has been carrying Raw for months as the WWE Universal Champion loses in 22 seconds? Are you kidding me Vince McMahon? The two of them should have had a match where Owens was able to showcase what he could do against Oldberg. The WWE just loves to put championships on part timers who are barely part timers as it is. Now we have to endure a match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania that is going to be for the title. Another decision that upset me was the fact that the WWE had Braun Strowman lose to Roman Reigns only because I felt that Braun should have gone into Mania with some momentum, but Vince still believes in Roman Reigns. The only match that I was not upset about last night was the women’s championship match as the WWE finally decided to stop playing hot potato with the title. Now Bayley can realize her dream of entering WrestleMania as WWE Women’s Champion. The rest of the night in my opinion was forgettable at best with a couple of matches added as The Big Show beat up on Rusev and Cesaro beating up on Jinder Mahal.

3As far as the points card was concerned, I finished with 63 points out of a possible 116 which is a mere 54% and that is a failing grade. I will remind you as well that the card didn’t feature the matches Cesaro and The Big Show had and it also didn’t feature the pre-show match too. As far as predicting the outcome of matches, I finished the night 8-2 (two of them I predicted on Twitter) which is very good. As far as the PPV is concerned, Smackdown Live is a superior brand to Raw and they proved it at their last PPV. They proved that their writers are better than Raw’s if that makes any sense.It just baffles me that any old timer can return and get a title shot right away. All you have to prove is that you were a big name like Brock when he returned, The Rock when he returned, and now add Goldberg to that list. They have accomplished their mission in making the championship a joke, I just feel bad for the guys are constantly working all the time. So I am going to give WWE Fastlane an C for a final grade.

Akira Tozawa/Rich Swann def The Brian Kendrick/Noam Dar

Sasha Banks def Nia Jax

The Club def Enzo and Cass

Samoa Joe def Sami Zayn

Cesaro def Jinder Mahal

The Big Show def Rusev

Neville def Jack Gallagher

Roman Reigns def Braun Strowman

Bayley def Charlotte

Goldberg def Kevin Owens