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A6COfVZCEAAwqldThere are just some things in life that ring true and one of them is that you cannot have a countdown to WrestleMania 33 without at least having one match featuring the immortal Hulk Hogan. He is a man that is synonymous with WrestleMania as he helped build what it has become today 3o years after defeating Andre The Giant. Well at WrestleMania VII in front of the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena crowd, Hogan vowed to bring the title back to the US when he took on then WWF World Heavyweight Champion Sgt. Slaughter who was an Iraqi sympathizer at the time. The week before WrestleMania VII, Sgt. Slaughter had shown Hogan that he wasn’t playing by the same set of rules as Hogan and that with General Adnan in his corner he could be dangerous. After a fierce collar and elbow tie up, Hogan shoved Slaughter right on his keister to say that you’re not pushing me around. Hogan was in firm control of the match to start it off and after an attempt at a shoulder block failed to move him, Slaughter got cocky and challenged Hogan to try again. When he did try again, he landed worse than he did from the collar and elbow tie up earlier.

6After a rake to the eyes, Slaughter was finally able to slow down the Patriot missile that was Hulk Hogan. Slaughter would try to wear down the Hulkster with some big knee shots to the head and some various punches, but it wouldn’t keep Hogan down for long. Hogan never gave up during the match as he kept fighting back with all he had. He was giving it his all slamming Slaughter’s head against the turnbuckle and steel post and even a high knee to the back that sent Slaughter reeling to the turnbuckle. It looked like the match was in Hogan’s pocket because Slaughter looked like had no answer to anything he was doing, but that is why you have a General Adnan in your corner. Hogan tried to climb to the top rope for a high risk maneuver, but Adnan grabbed Hogans leg allowing Slaughter time to get and body slam the Hulkster. It gave Slaughter some time to breathe and regain his composure against arguably one of the greatest in WWE history.

7Slaughter quickly threw Hogan out of the ring where he began to work on the big man with a steel chair that he stole from right next to Marla Maples. After beating him with it, he decided it was fitting to wrap the camera cable around Hogan’s neck as he started to choke him out with it. As soon as they got back in the ring, Slaughter started working on Hogan’s injured back for what would surely be a set up for a camel clutch. Instead, he put him into a Boston crab and it was very close to the ropes to where Regis Philbin even questioned why Hogan wasn’t grabbing the rope at first. Then strangely enough, after Slaughter nailed Hogan with a boot to the back from the top rope, Adnan went up on the apron and distracted the ref when Slaughter was trying to pin Hogan. What was going on? With some frustration, he hit Hogan with another chair shot. With Hogan busted open, he kept hammering away at him and eventually slapped on the camel clutch. After drapping Hogan with the Iraqi flag, Hgan began to Hulk up and that is when it was over for Slaughter because the five moves of doom were here. The punches came, the Irish whip into a big boot, and then the leg drop to cap it all off. Hulk Hogan pinned him for the 1-2-3. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.