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10WrestleMania was truly a showcase of the immortals, a place were legends were made to shine forever in the history books and nobody took advantage of that more than Rowdy Roddy Piper who helped headline the very first WrestleMania ever. For day 8 of our countdown, we turn to WrestleMania VIII for a match that was highly regarded by critics everywhere when Roddy put his Intercontinental Championship on the line against another WWE Hall Of Famer in Bret “The Hitman” Hart in front of a sold out Hoosier Dome crowd. It was the first time that the two competitors were going to lock it up in the ring and it promised to be a good one just based off the promo alone. The two were testing each other out in the beginning of the match with each giving an arm drag to each other like hey I did it better than you. Piper even showed some wrestling skills with the single leg take down until Bret was able to toss him out of the ring. That made Piper mad as hell when he entered the ring, he got in Bret’s face and even spit on him.

11Eventually they’d lock up in a test of strength with the fingers, but Roddy was quick to turn into a wrist lock to which Bret would reverse into one that he wouldn’t let go of no matter what the Hot Rod tried to do. Bret would eventually let go as he tossed Roddy against the ropes to which he landed a dropkick. As soon as that happened, Bret acted like he may have separated a shoulder, but it was a ploy to sucker Roddy into an inside cradle for the pin attempt. Then after catching a cross body from Bret, the two of them went over the top and to the outside with Bret getting the brunt of it. In a courteous manner, Roddy held the rope down for Bret to reenter the ring. It was a huge sign of respect between the two wrestlers to which the crowd appreciated as well that night, but as soon as you thought there was respect, Roddy took a cheap shot at Bret. Bret’s nose or face was busted open and Piper took some liberty in delivering more punches and kicks to Bret and even hit him with a running bulldog.

12Piper quickly took the match from a technical wrestling match right into a street fight which was right up his alley with those devastating punches and a high knee lift to the face. Bret started to show that he still had some fight in him, but a double clothesline would stall the effort. Even though Piper was the first to get up, Bret decided to play possum and he suckered Piper into climbing the ropes where Bret would get to his feet and begin to take Piper to the woodshed with a nice inverted atomic drop and an awesome snap suplex. After hitting a side Russian leg sweep, Bret went for the sharpshooter, but Piper kept blocking the attempt so he dropped an elbow. As Bret Climbed the ropes to deliver an Diving pointed elbow drop, but Piper got his leg up and hit Bret right in the kisser. Both men began throwing haymakers at each other with Piper eventually pushing Bret right into the referee knocking him down. Eventually Piper looked like he was going to use the ring bell on Bret, but all of a sudden, he had second thoughts because he’d throw it back out of the ring. He would slap Bret right into a sleeper hold, but in a last ditch effort, Bret used his leverage against the rope knocking Piper back into a pinning combo and the referee counted the 1-2-3. Bret was the new WWF Intercontinental Champion. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.