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crush-doinkI know a lot of you are wondering why in the heck did I chose to cover the match I did for today’s Countdown To WrestleMania 33 match? While Doink The Clown may not be a favorite to a lot of people, but he was the creepiest of them all when he first entered the scene. At WrestleMania IX which came to us from Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Doink The Clown took on the Hawaiian known as Crush. During an episode of Superstars back in January 0f 1993, Doink had played a prank on a child in the crowd which angered Crush who then grabbed Doink and warned him. On the second episode of Monday Night Raw (January 18, 1993) ever, Doink came down to the ring with a cast to apologize to Crush and after he was done, he removed a prosthetic arm from it and he beat Crush with it. That in turn, forced the Hawaiian to miss the 1993 Royal Rumble so with that being said, he was looking for revenge at WrestleMania IX. After getting squirted by Doink, Crush wasted no time in chasing him around the ring and bodyslamming him on the outside.

17Crush was intent on punishing Doink as he executed power move after power move like a big Irish whip to the corner that knocked Doink down immediately. Doink tried to muster some offense on the outside, but it had absolutely no effect on the big man who immediately threw him back in the ring and then executed a devastating neckbreaker. It wouldn’t be long before Doink executed some offense hitting Crush with three ax handle smashes and one piledriver that looked dangerous when he executed it. However, it wouldn’t last long as Crush was able to regain control of the match with a boot to the face of Doink. After hitting him with a big powerslam, Doink tried to retreat under the ring, but Crush was quick to catch him. He would throw Doink back in and he’d hit him with a military press slam, but as soon as he went to slap on the cranium crunch, Doink grabbed the rope with his foot and knocked the referee down. He would once again try to escape under the ring, but once again Crush caught up to him and threw him back into the ring. He slaps on the cranium crunch once again, but then all of a sudden another Doink enters the ring and hits Crush with the prosthetic arm. He then covers Crush for the 1-2-3 and Crush indeed saw double vision. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.