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1280x720-2KeFor today’s Countdown To WrestleMania match, we are once again covering someone from the world famous Samoan Dynasty The Anoa’i family. We already covered Sam Fatu, but for today, we are covering one of the more famous members of the family in Rodney Anoa’i a.k.a. Yokozuna. Yokozuna was a WWF Heavyweight Champion, a tag team champion, and a Royal Rumble winner in his career so you can say that he set the tone for the future members of the family. At WrestleMania X, he was deep in a feud with two men with one being Bret “Hitman” Hart, and the other being the Total Package Lex Luger to which he would fight both men separately at WrestleMania X. The match we are covering is the first match of the night for him with Lex Luger which all started when Lex was the only man to bodyslam Yokozuna on the USS Intrepid during a body slam challenge. After co-winning the 1994 Royal Rumble with Bret Hart, Luger was given the first opportunity at the belt. The match featured former USA Up All Night host Rhonda Shear as special guest timekeeper, Donnie Wahlberg as special guest ring announcer, and Mr. Perfect as the special guest referee.

18The match started off with a slugfest as Luger was getting the best of the big man, but as soon as he tried some clothesline attempts, it was Yoko that used his size to put Luger down. Luger had to use his speed to avoid big power moves from Yoko and he did that and almost had a pinfall victory, but Yoko kicked out. The tide would change in the match when Lex attempted to bodyslam the 568 pounder to which he failed as Yoko landed right on top of him. Any offense that Luger attempted to try, Yokozuna was there to quickly end that using his size to his advantage like any smart champion would. Yoko was methodically picking apart Lex Luger whether it be the pressure point hold on Luger’s shoulder or the hammering shots he would deliver. Things looked very bleak for the challenger and you wondered if he could muster up anything. Eventualy after being in that pressure point hold for what seemed like forever, Lex was able to get Yoko to let go, but he walked himself right into a belly to belly suplex that ended that attempt.

19Yokozuna would signal that the end was the near by saying Bonzai, but as soon as he walked Lex over to smash his head into the exposed turnbuckle, Lex reversed it and smashed his head sending the big man down like a chopped tree. Luger would attempt to try and clothesline Yokozuna and after three attempts Yoko finally crashed to the canvas. Yokozuna would rise to his feet and Lex finally bodyslammed the big man and then nailed him with the forearm that had the metal plate inside of it. Jim Cornette would come up the apron to distract Mr. Perfect, but Luger pummeled him and he would do the same to Mr. Fuji. As soon as he went for the pin attempt, Mr. Perfect would attend to Cornette and that infuriated Luger. He would try the pin attempt again, but this time Perfect would attend to Mr. Fuji instead. As soon as Luger got up, he pushed Perfect a little to say what the heck. Instead of counting the 1-2-3, Perfect signaled to the timekeeper and told them to ring the bell. He disqualified Lex Luger meaning that Yokozuna was still the champ. The crowd at Madison Square Garden were beside themselves at the decision feeling that Luger should have won the match.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.