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goldust-hhhYesterday, I told everyone that you can not have a Countdown To WrestleMania without The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, but the same could be said about another superstar. Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) is a name that could be just as synonymous with WrestleMania as his former DX teammate for all the amazing matches that he has provided us over the course of his career. I chose to cover his match at WrestleMania 13 against the bizarre one Goldust because it was the beginning of a transformation of his character, a sort of evolution of Triple H was in it’s infant stage at this point. Accompanied to the ring by the late Chyna, Triple H for weeks leading up to the match had been making advances at Goldust’s wife Marlena which had been making the bizarre one a little jealous. Goldust started off the match with guns a blazing when he immediately attacked Hunter with a clothesline, some educated fists, and a hell of an inverted atomic drop before clotheslining him out of the ring. Goldust continued the assault with an uppercut that in turn got Triple H tangled in the ropes and believe me he took advantage of that situation.

26Goldust’s advantage wouldn’t last very long after Helmsley decided to drop him outside the ring face first into the apron instead of a vertical suplex. Triple H began hammering away at Goldust just delivering punishing maneuvers one right after another. He definitely looked like he wanted to punish Goldust rather than just getting the quick W with punishing maneuvers like a swinging neck breaker. Hunter was in the driver seat and we knew it because anytime Goldust would try to create any separation between the two, Hunter was there to cut it off almost immediately. After a couple of exchanges, Goldust was finally able to create separation when he used his butt to fight off an flying ax handle smash from Hunter. As soon as Goldust was getting his wings back and was on the hunt, Chyna proved to be a great asset to Triple H. She immediately started walking towards Marlena and when she confronted her, it distracted the bizarre one enough to grab her and place on the ring apron. That gave Triple H the chance to hit the ropes and come with a running knee to Goldust’s back that knocked Marlena into Chyna. Hunter would then proceed to hit Goldust with the pedigree and that was all she wrote as Hunter was the winner of the match. Meanwhile, Chyna is shaking Marlena like she’s a rag doll that weighs about nothing. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too