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hqdefaultI know what you are thinking and what you are thinking is why didn’t he wait to cover a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin for tomorrow when it’s Austin 3:16 day? While that is a great observation that you’ve made, unfortunately Stone Cold Steve Austin did not wrestle at WrestleMania 2000 (WM 16 if you’re keeping track) so I thought I would cover a match with him for today. One of the greatest WrestleMania rivalries that I can remember from the Attitude Era was definitely the feud that Austin had with The Rock who was a corporate puppet at this point in his career. Stone Cold meanwhile had been feuding with his greatest rival ever Mr. McMahon who had won the Royal Rumble, but lost in a steel cage the next month at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre which in turn made Austin the number one contender. To make things a little harder for the Texas rattlesnake, it was announced that Mr. McMahon was the special guest referee for the match. It looked as if there were insurmountable odds stacked against him right from the start. Then all of a sudden, Shawn Michael’s music hit the speakers and the commissioner made his way down to ringside. He basically told Vince that he couldn’t be special guest referee and that the corporation was bared from ringside as well.

29The match was no DQ and it started almost immediately as The Rock wouldn’t allow Austin to the corner, so Austin started it by landing some punches, but The Rock took the first advantage throwing Austin over the ropes to the outside. The exchange would eventually change as Austin returned the favor throwing the Rock over the top rope taking the fight into the stands. They literally beat the hell out of each other all over the arena delivering back body drops on top of a light structure, choking each other with camera wires, and Austin throwing The Rock right into the camera crane. They’d eventually make it back to the ring, but not exactly inside of it as Austin drove an elbow to the chest of the Rock on top of the Spanish announce table that broke it immediately. Austin and The Rock were there to brutalize each other until one of them could no longer stand anymore. The Rock though wasn’t completely out of the match as he would capitalize on something that happened earlier in the match.

30Earlier in the match, The Rock delivered a backbody drop to Austin that some his knee hit the steel of a light structure that was near the ramp. As soon as they were back in the ring, the Rock rolled out and grabbed Austin by the legs and drove his knee right into the steel post. The only problem is that he couldn’t hold the advantage as he was driven into the steel steps on the outside by Austin. Austin was the same way because as soon as he went back in the ring, The Rock gave him a rock bottom, but Austin would kick out. The Rock would grab a chair to use on Austin, but Austin quickly took that away from him. As soon as Austin tried to use the chair, The Rock used referee Mike Chioda as a shield. The Rock was now in full control of the match as he beat away at Austin’s knee with the chair. After some devastating shots with the chair and a Samoan drop, The Rock was frustrated because Austin wouldn’t give up so he gave the second referee Tim White the rock bottom.

31Frustration was setting in for The Rock who was doing everything right, but he just couldn’t get the rattlesnake to quit. As soon as The Rock turned around, Austin hit him with the stone cold stunner, but there was no referee. Eventually, Earl Hebner would make his way to ringside, but The Rock kicked out at two. Austin would go to the outside where he’s grab a chair, but as soon as he was doing that, Mr. McMahon made his way down to ringside and provided enough of a distraction for The Rock to hit Austin with a low blow. McMahon would make his way inside the ring where he’d hit Earl Hebner before he helped The Rock attack Austin. If things couldn’t get more out of hand, Mick Foley made his way down to ringside with his referee shirt and he’d attack McMahon. After a few exchanges, The Rock would once again hit Austin with the Rock Bottom, but he opted to deliver the people’s elbow instead of a pin attempt. As soon as he tried to drop it, Austin would move out of the way and he would deliver the Stone Cold Stunner which was all she wrote as Austin was your new WWF Champion. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.