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paigeIf you are a WWE fan then you definitely are aware of The Ballad Of Paige, but if you have been living under a rock then obviously you wouldn’t know. What should have been a happy St. Patrick’s Day for most in the world, it has turned into a downright nightmare for my favorite WWE women’s wrestler. Paige has been under a lot of scrutiny in the past year or so with all of her troubles including her love life with former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio which the WWE has tried to sabotage and the injury and surgery that has sidelined the former champion. Now she woke up this Friday morning to find out that someone had hacked her account and posted various private photos of her showing a little more than usual and a sex tape with former WWE talent Brad Maddox (or at least it’s being reported that it’s him). A move that the former champion did not expect at all when she woke up today and it must be one that has shattered her world. While we are still waiting for official word from her and the WWE, we can only speculate as to what is going to happen to poor Paige.

WWE-Diva-PaigeIs this the final straw that gets her released from the company because it is truly a PR nightmare, but it isn’t her fault. Why should Paige’s personal life get her fired from a company that we are already suspecting is just going to bury her anyways if she comes back to the ring. She was truly a star with so much potential that has fallen from grace in the WWE so quickly. There are reports as well that more footage is going to be leaked out on to the web and we can only hope that it isn’t true because the nightmare has to stop for her. Whatever you do, do not share the leaked photos or footage because you are only making matters worse for an amazing wrestler. Paige, we here at Mr. X’s Punch Out stand firmly behind you and we only hope for the best in the future which means seeing you inside a wrestling ring no matter where it is. If we have more information or a statement from Paige or the WWE w, we will definitely share it with all of you as soon as we can. Stay tuned here. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.