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tlc-2There is no other way to describe part two of the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match that was introduced to us back at WrestleMania 2000 (WrestleMania 16 for those of you wondering) other than epic. The first match was called a Triangle Ladder Match, but the WWE was smart and raised the bar forcing them to quickly change it to a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match hence the reason I wrote TLC 2.I said TLC 2 because this is part two after all and part one was at Summerslam 2000. The match is known for it’s unpredictability and it’s imaginative nature and I say that because imagine all the things that could happen in a TLC match, but try to predict it. The second match at WrestleMania X-Seven (17) featured the same three tag teams that participated in the first one, but with different WWF Tag Team Champions (Edge and Christian were champs at Summerslam 2000) in The Dudley Boyz as they defended it against The Hardy Boyz and Edge/Christian. Edge and Christian were the winners of the previous match and they were hoping that lighting was going to strike twice for them entering the match, but the other two tag teams didn’t want to be the footnote in the history books.

34The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz made it a point as soon as the bell rang that they were going to eliminate Edge and Christian out of the picture. It wouldn’t last very long because Edge and Christian used a ladder to regain the advantage. Matches like these are all about the moments. While The Dudley Boyz were out of the picture, Both Hardy’s climbed both of the ladders to perform Event Omega on top of Christian with one doing a guillotine leg drop (Matt) and Jeff doing the splash. The Dudleys would take the Hardys out of the picture and they’d give Edge the Whassup which as Good Ol’ JR put it, stunts your sexual drive. After both Dudley’s brought tables into the ring, Jeff tried to do some high flying maneuvers, but instead was powerbombed through Edge who was on top of the table. At one point in the match all six men were on three ladders that were set up next to each other and like dominoes, they all eventually fell. It’s a really daunting task for a referee to have to manage the carnage involved in these matches. Nonetheless, the show must go on and it sure did in a big way.

aThen out of nowhere, Spike Dudley made his way down to ringside where he delivered one Dudley Dog to Edge in the ring and one to Christian outside of the ring and into a table. To make matters worse, Rhyno made his way to ringside and he took out The Dudleys and gored both members of the Hardys with Matt getting gored through a table. Then in a very predictable way, Lita made her way to ringside where she prevented Edge from climbing the ladder and thanks to Spike delivering the low blow, she hit Rhyno with a hurricanrana. The Dudleys would take care of Rhyno by delivering the Dudleyville device while Lita took out Spike with a huge chair shot to the head. Then the unexpected happened and that was The Dudleys delivering a 3D to Lita. Then in typical Jeff Hardy form, he grabs the 20 FT ladder and does a swanton dive on top of both Rhyno and Spike Dudley on top of tables which surprisingly didn’t take him out of the match completely, but all of that was about to change.

bI say change because then it happened, the most iconic moment in TLC match history. Jeff Hardy was dangling up high hanging on to the wires that held the Tag titles when he was speared out of nowhere by Edge. It’s a moment that no one will ever forget and you wonder how they all survived this match. Earlier in carnage, The Dudleys had set up tables on top of tables on the outside that you just knew someone was going through. Well after the spear moment, Matt and Bubba Ray climbed the 20 foot ladder to only have Rhyno push the ladder forcing both men to go through the double tables. The only team left tanding eventually was Edge and Christian, but so wasn’t Devon Duddley. Unfortunately for him, the numbers game was too much as Rhyno hoisted Christian on his shoulders and he climbed the ladder allowing Christian to grab both tag team titles. They won last year at WrestleMania 2000 and they walked out of this one as well. There were so many great moments in the match that they set the bar for the future. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.