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ddp-christianAs I have said before, any time that we have ever done a countdown to WrestleMania we always try to cover the wrestlers that have been announced as the newest members of the WWE Hall Of Fame. We have already covered the Rock ‘N Roll Express earlier in the week and now we have another member for today in Diamond Dallas Page. The only WrestleMania that I can remember DDP being a part of was WrestleMania X8 (18 for those of you trying to keep track) where he faced Christian at the SkyDome in Toronto. The feud started the previous week on Raw when Christian showed his appreciation to DDP for helping him win a match by turning on him. So, DDP decided to put the WWF European Championship on the line against Christian. Christian thought he would get things started as soon as DDP entered the ring, but it backfired as DDP hit him with rights and lefts before a gut wrench gut buster sent him out of the ring. It wouldn’t be long until Christian resorted to some dirty tactics to get the advantage back in his favor.

45Christian looked like he was going to be in full control of the match as he wasn’t allowing DDP any real windows of opportunity, but that didn’t last very long. Christian decided to climb the ropes for a high risk maneuver, but instead was met by DDP who body slammed him off the top. DDP would then hit Christian with a sitout powerbomb, but Christian would kick out on the ensuing pin attempt. As soon as they got up, DDP tried for the Diamond cutter, but Christian tried to reverse it into the killswitch, but DDP countered it back into a diamond cutter attempt only to have Christian counter that with a reverse DDT. Unfortunately for Christian, DDP would kick out and as soon as they were both up on their feet, DDP would end the match by hitting the diamond cutter and he would pin Christian for the 1-2-3. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.