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hqdefault (1)This month apparently is women’s appreciation month and I do not all of the women to think we have been ignoring you, it just happens that this is Countdown To WrestleMania month. So, I decided that for today we were going to feature a legend in women’s wrestling in the WWE who is a hall of famer who took on another woman at WrestleMania XIX that should be a hall of famer too. I am talking WWE HOF Trish Stratus who took WWE women’s champion Victoria (a must for HOF), and Jazz in a triple threat match. Victoria at this point had been WWE Women’s champion since the previous Survivor Series where she defeated Trish for the belt. She successfully defended her belt on several occasions until she made the big mistake of interrupting a match. Jazz was taking on Trish on an episode of Raw to determine a number one contender when Victoria attacked the both of them. The WWE had no choice, but put both ladies in the match making it a triple threat match at the first WrestleMania promoted by the WWE and not WWF. One thing that you had to wonder about going in was what role was Stevie Richards going to have being in Victoria’s corner.

46Jazz couldn’t wait to get the match started as she attacked Trish and Victoria with the champion exiting the ring due to the attack. Jazz was bringing it to Trish not allowing her to breathe, but as soon as she got up to make sure Victoria didn’t get back in the ring, Trish took the opportunity to strike back with a Lou Thesz press and some big punches. But you cannot forget that there is a third woman in the match and she’ll figure out a way in and Victoria sure did when Trish tried to go high risk on the outside. At one point, Victoria and Jazz temporarily worked together to eliminate Trish out of the picture, but that didn’t last very long when championship gold is on the line. After the advantages in the match went back and forth between all three women, Victoria was able to eliminate Jazz out of the picture, but a huge plan backfired. While the referee was distracted, Stevie Richards entered the ring to hit Trish with a chair, but she moved out of the way and he hit himself with it after it hit and bounced back off the ropes. Trish then hits Stevie with the Stratusfaction and hits Victoria with a big roundhouse kick. She then proceeds to pin her for the 1-2-3. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.