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hqdefault (2)For today’s Countdown To WrestleMania 33 match, we are honoring two men who are legends in the business. Eddie Guerrero is a legend and WWE hall of famer who was taken away from us way too soon. Kurt Angle is a legendary Olympic wrestler who is about to get inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame class of 2017 and as usual we cover a match from an upcoming hall of famer. We are covering the classic confrontation that the two had at WrestleMania XX when Eddie put the WWE Championship on the line against Angle inside the Madison Square Garden. Before the match, the two of them were best friends with Angle helping Eddie during his rivalry with his nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. On a late January episode of Smackdown, Eddie had last eliminated Kurt in a 15 man battle royal that earned him the right to face Brock Lesnar for the belt. At No Way Out, Kurt defeated both John Cena and The Big Show to earn a shot at the title at WrestleMania. In the same night, Eddie defeated Brock Lesnar to become champion. At the following Smackdown, Kurt was the special guest referee for a match that Eddie had with Chavo Guerrero and when it came time for Kurt to slam his hand down for three on the pinfall attempt, he stopped and resisted and turned on Eddie setting up the match that night.

47Both men started off the match just trying to feel each other out, see who would break first and after a little mat wrestling, we were back to square one. In order for Eddie to win, he would have to rely on his Lucha Libre background while Angle had to keep him grounded for some mat wrestling and Angle was doing just that until Eddie decided to lay some powerful shoulder blocks into him. Eddie was proving that he knew how to wrestle and that he could hang with Angle. Things would remain pretty even as both men tried their best mat skills against each other with Kurt having the first shot before Eddie countered out and into a keylock. Angle would take the first advantage when he got out of the wrist lock by throwing Eddie against the ropes and hitting him with a knee to the midsection. Then in a very smart move, he put Eddie in an abdominal stretch making sure he keeps him grounded. The advantage though wouldn’t last very long for Kurt Angle.

48Eddie was able to counter into a vertical suplex, but when he tried to convert it into the Three Amigos, Angle was able to counter it into a German suplex. When he tried to convert that into the rolling German suplex, Eddie was able to shake him off and send him to the outside. Kurt then tried to deliver a German suplex with both men standing on the apron, but Eddie was able to deflect it. Eddie would then try for a high risk maneuver to the outside, but Angle quickly moved out of the way forcing Eddie to hit the security barrier. Just like the pitbull that he is, Angle began attacking the midsection area of Eddie with a reverse backbreaker (more like a gutbreaker) and some shoulder blocks to the midsection. After some successful belly to back suplexes, Angle would try for the pin, but Eddie would kick out at two. Angle at the moment really was wrestling the picture perfect match, but he couldn’t get cocky cause it could cost him. Kurt would try to set Eddie up for a belly to back suplex from the top turnbuckle, but Eddie kept deflecting it. At one point, Eddie tried for the frog splash, but Angle moved right out of the way.

49After some hammering fists from Angle, Eddie began to fire himself up to the point that he was delivering it Angle with some impressive shots of his own. Guerrero looked to be in full control of the match. After trading advantages, Angle would try to finish the match off for good with an Olympic slam, but Eddie was able to counter out of it with an arm drag and he followed it with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. As soon as Eddie tried for the three amigos again, he would get two suplexes, but on the third, Angle would counter it into an ankle lock submission. Eddie would counter out of that, but as soon as he went for a frog splash, he was met by Angle who delivered the belly to back suplex from the top rope. Angle would once again try for an Olympic slam, but Eddie countered it into a DDT. Eddie would finally hit the five star frog splash, but Angle kicked out on the ensuing pin. Both men had to be wondering what it was going to take to put each other away. After playing possum, Angle slapped on the ankle lock and it looked like he might take this one, but Eddie once again countered. Things did not look good for Eddie who was quickly untying the shoe laces on his boots to what we believe was him relieving the pressure on his ankle. Unfortunately for Angle, it was all a ploy to sucker him in the ring and into a roll up as Eddie stole the match 1-2-3. This was truly an amazing match that showcased the brilliance of both men. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.