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50You can not have a Countdown To WrestleMania without having a match with one of the most iconic men in WrestleMania history who had one of the most iconic streaks in the business. I am talking about The Undertaker and his amazing streak that at one point reached 21-0 before losing to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. The match we are covering for you guys for today is the match The Undertaker had against “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton at WrestleMania 21 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles where the deadman was 12-0 at the time. For months, Randy had been disrespecting legend after legend and on an episode of Smackdown, he literally smacked the deadman in the face which enraged him. After the match was signed, Randy’s father Cowboy Bob Orton tried to beg The Undertaker have mercy on Randy, but it was all a ploy to distract the deadman as Randy delivered the RKO. In the beginning of the match, it looked like Randy was trying to avoid the deadman, but he had an early spree going on that saw him dropkick the deadman and then deliver a backbody drop. Although when he would try his luck again with the ropes, the deadman caught him with a nice hook to the mouth.

51The Undertaker began working on Orton delivering rights and lefts that were hitting their mark. At one point, Randy tried to hit an RKO, but The Undertaker grabbed him and threw him to the outside. The deadman would throw him back into the ring only to set him up for a little vintage Undertaker leg drop across the apron which connected. Then we got a little more vintage Undertaker as he walked the ropes and came hammering down on Orton. Orton was on the wrong side of things and if had a game plan, he had to scrap it for plan b soon. That oppurtunity for plan b would come when the Undertaker came charging with the boot into the corner and Randy moved right out of the way. He’d follow it up with a dropkick that sent the deadman right into the security barricade. The opportunity wouldn’t last long for Orton who squandered it after Taker countered with a big DDT. He would try to put Orton away, but Orton refused to quit. He’d try with a sidewalk slam and then a cover, but Orton would kick out. You had to give Orton credit for holding on against the deadman as it is no easy task.

52Everything looked like it was going in the deadman’s favor until he tried for snake eyes as Randy countered with a big elbow that put the big man down. The only problem is that he couldn’t hold his advantages for very long and he tried trading blows with the Undertaker which was a big mistake. The Undertaker then decided that he was going to try and put Randy out with the Dragon sleeper. After the referee had counted to two with Randy’s arm, Orton refused to quit on the third try and countered with a DDT out of desperation. After trading advantages back and forth, The Undertaker tried for the last ride, but when he countered out of it he went right into the referee (Earl Hebner did a terrible job) knocking him down. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere with a cast on his arm, Cowboy Bob Orton nailed the Undertaker with it. When Randy tried for the cover, Taker would kick out at two. Randy would then throw the Undertaker against the ropes with Cowboy waiting to hit him, but The Undertaker delivered a boot to him sending him to the floor. The Deadman tried for the chokeslam, but Orton would counter it into a RKO, but the deadman would again kick out at two. Then Randy got cocky and signaled to the crowd that he was going to Tombstone the Undertaker. As soon as he had him though, the deadman would counter and deliver the tombstone to Orton and that was all she wrote as Taker covered him for the 1-2-3.