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Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.15.23 amThe match we chose for today is an interesting one for many reasons with one being that it features the current President of The United States of America in Donald Trump. The other being that we are featuring another member of the Anoa’i family in Edward Fatu a.k.a. Umaga who took on current TNA superstar Bobby Lashley in a battle of the billionaires hair vs hair match. Donald Trump chose ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley while Vince McMahon chose WWE Intercontinental Champion Umaga with the loser of the bet having to get his head shaved and did we mention that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee? Well, I just did so McMahon had that going against him entering WrestleMania 23. The match started off with Bobby getting the better of the exchanges and after a flying shoulder block, he would go for an early cover. Unfortunately, Umaga’s handler Armando Alejandro Estrada would grab Umaga’s foot and he placed it on the rope. That angered Lashley, who immediately grabbed him, brought him into the ring, and hit Armando with the dominator. Lashley tried to keep his advantage going with a suicide dive type spear, but Umaga moved out of the way sending Lashley head first to the outside.

56It was the chance Umaga needed to take advantage of the match and he did so with a big splash and some choking from Umaga. Austin had to be an unconventional referee after hitting the big man in the back to get his attention. Umaga was not happy at all with it, but Austin warned him. Umaga again would resort to choking Lashley and after not listening to his five count, Austin grabbed him by the hair to rip him off of Lashley. No matter Umaga continued the assault with some big splashes to the chest area of Lashley. Umaga wanted to punish Lashley methodically. Lashley tried to fight back, but Umaga was a step ahead with the big Samoan drop. Lashley did make a comeback when Umaga tried to climb the ropes, Lahley was there to cut him off and bodyslam him. Lashley followed that up by turning Umaga inside out with a huge clothesline. With both men now on the mat, Austin began his count and he reached the count of nine, but as soon as he attempted to motion for ten, he stopped the count and said that there would be no count outs because he wanted to see someone shaved bald.

58Nervous about Austin’s decision, Shane McMahon made his way down to ringside to accompany his father. Lashley tried to continue his advantage when he got up, but a big chop from Umaga put a halt to those plans. Umaga began pounding away at Lashley int he corner and decided to choke him again which angered Austin. This time Austin grabbed him with a hook to the eye, but Shane distracted Austin giving Umaga time to deliver the Samoan spike to Stone Cold. Shane and Umaga began double teaming Lashley just hammering away at him and Umaga even hit him with the Samoan Wrecking Ball. Then Vince went under the ring and he grabbed a metal trash can that he proceeded to set up against Lashley. Shane knew exactly what to do as he climbed the ropes and went coast to coast hitting the trash can over Lashley. Shane would proceed to remove his dress shirt to reveal a referee shirt as he commanded Umaga to hit a big splash from the top on Lashley. As soon as Shane went to do the pin count, Austin pulled him out of the ring and beat the crap out of Shane.

59As soon as Austin entered the ring, he was once again attacked by Umaga with a right to the chin. Donald Trump looked frustrated at what was going on so he went to the other side of the ring and he attacked Vince McMahon. As soon as Austin got up, Umaga went to hit him with a Samoan spike, but Austin countered with a stone cold stunner and Bobby Lashley would follow it up with a spear. He then covered Umaga for the 1-2-3, but I want to make a note that the bell rang before Austin’s hand hit the mat for three. After the match, Shane tried to distract Austin to allow his father to escape, but Austin took care of business hitting him with a stone cold stunner. Vince tried to escape, but Lashley grabbed him before he could get to the back, threw him in the ring, and Austin stunned him. They strapped him to the chair, Austin held him down, and they shaved the chairman of the WWE bald. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.