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money-in-the-bank4One of the most iconic matches in WrestleMania history was the ladder match when we first saw it with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. The match of course has evolved over the years with a triangle ladder match, TLC match, and then the Money In The Bank Ladder match which was first introduced at WrestleMania 21. Like anything, the match would eventually evolve and become an annual pay per view like the TLC match. At WrestleMania XXV, the match would return yet again and CM Punk was looking to win the match once again as he did at WrestleMania XXIV. If he was going to be successful, he would have to do so against Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, Finlay, Montel Vontavious Porter, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry. We all know that the beauty of matches like these are the various spots that happen during the match. When the match started, Kane and Mark Henry basically cleared the ring sending everyone out before attacking each other. Henry was in full control in the ring until Christian and Shelton Benjamin used a ladder together to take the two biggest men out of the match.

62Kofi was the first to razzle and dazzle us as he leaped over the ladder and nailed them with a dropkick and then proceeded to hit a boom drop on top of the ladder. The competitors were smart as they did their best to take Kane and Henry out of the picture again until they all climbed a ladder. The next big spot that followed started with Fit Finlay hitting a suicide dive to the outside of the ring. Christian would get up and he would hit a crossbody to the outside hitting Finlay, Kane, and Benjamin. MVP would turn himself into a human cannonball as he nailed all of them on the outside. Punk and Kingston would look at each other in the ring with no ladders and they would hit all of them with a suicide dive each at the same time. Then out of nowhere, Shelton Benjamin climbed one of the bigger ladders and did a swan dive on to all the wrestlers on the outside so he wasn’t outdone by everyone. Then all of a sudden, it looked like Mark Henry was going to attempt to jump on the crowd, but Finlay rescued everyone by hitting Henry with the Shillelagh which was a definite life saver.

63In a very funny occurrence, Hornswoggle decided to get in on the fun and Finlay set up the little ladder and he did a five star frog splash onto everyone on the outside. After Kofi was able to stop Finlay from climbing the ladder with trouble in paradise, Mark Henry was able to stop him by simply pushing the ladder down. Mark was trying to set up the ladder, when Kofi started climbing it with Henry still holding it up. Henry slams the ladder down against the ropes and grabs Kofi for a world’s strongest slam on top of the ladder. At one point, MVP had set up a ladder inside of the main ladder that was standing up. Shelton Benjamin tried to use the ladder as a springboard, but MVP caught him and powerbombed him to the mat. All of a sudden as MVP started to climb, CM Punk was there to cut him off, but as soon as he attempted it, Christian delivered the unprettier off of the ladder and on to the mat. It was all out war in the ring and you really did need to have eyes in the back of your head because soon as you think one guy is gone, another appears.

64How much more could these wrestlers possibly take in this match and who in the world was going to be able enough to do so? Shelton Benjamin looked like he was in full control as he attempted to do a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder, but he ended up botching it. It didn’t matter much because Shelton would just end up powerbombing MVP out of the ring anyways. Fast forward a little into the match, CM Punk is being hung up upside down on the ladder with his leg keeping him from falling. Christian is trying to grab the suitcase when Kane decides to climb the ladder. Kane disposes of Christian with a choke slam off the ladder so it looks like Kane has a clear shot at the briefcase. Punk is finally able to re-position himself on the ladder and he begins to use the educated feet as he kicks Kane off the ladder and once Kane is down, he reaches for it. Much to the dismay of the wrestlers, he is successful in grabbing it as he has now won it two years in a row. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.