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1280x720-PqSYou can’t have a WrestleMania countdown without one of the ayatollah of Rock N Rolla. You can’t have a countdown to Mania without the G.O.A.T in Y2J Chris Jericho, a man that has entertained audiences for a very long time. A man who when the time comes is a first ballot hall of famer for sure and for today’s match, we have him facing a man who is a hall of famer in the Rated R Superstar Edge at WrestleMania XXVI from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Chris Jericho was the world heavyweight champion at the time of WrestleMania XXVI after he had won inside of the Elimination Chamber while Edge had won the Royal Rumble that year. Before all of this, Edge and Chris were tag team partners who had won the unified tag team championships, but an injury to Edge’s Achilles tendon would force Edge out of action and Jericho began distancing himself from Edge taking all the credit for the win. This angered Edge to the point that the Raw following Elimination Chamber, he speared Jericho and then challenged him for the belt at WrestleMania XXVI.  The match started off with both men trading jabs and kicks back and forth until Jericho was able to take the first advantage with a kick to the chest and a baseball slide that sent Edge back to the outside.

68Surprisingly in the opening part of the match, Jericho didn’t try to work on the leg that contained the Achilles injury rather he tried to wear him down as far as endurance was concerned. Unfortunately, Jericho tried to spear Edge in the corner, but Edge was smart, moved out of the way, allowing Jericho to hit steel shoulder first. Edge was quick to put the cabash on a Jericho return run when he nailed him off of the apron and into the announce table. He would follow that up with a flying clothesline to the outside that sent Jericho down. Jericho again would try to cut Edge off after Edge climbed the ropes, but Edge was able to counter it into a facebuster. Jericho again would try to take advantage of the match, but when he went for the codebreaker, Edge launched him right into the turnbuckle ending that attempt. Again, at this point in the match, I was very surprised that Jericho had not attempted to attack the leg of Edge. You had to wonder what was going through his mind at this point in the match because Edge was gaining momentum.

69You could definitely tell that Edge at this point was thinking spear as well as the crowd inside the stadium, but they did not think what happened next would happen. As soon as Edge went for the spear, Jericho sidestepped it and turned it into the walls of Jericho. The hold wouldn’t last long as Edge was able to get out off the move and was quickly on the offensive when he countered the Lionsault with an inverted mat slam. After trading advantages back and forth, Jericho was able to gain it hitting Edge in the back of the head. All of a sudden, Jericho signaled for the spear and when he tried to hit it, Edge gave him a bog boot to the face. As soon as Edge tried to hit it though, Jericho countered it into a codebreaker. After failing to get the pinfall victory, Jericho became incensed and decided to finally attack the leg. Edge tried to fight it off, but Jericho would eventually slap on the walls of Jericho again. Jericho to put more pressure on the injured Achilles, would turn the walls into a single leg Boston crab, but Edge would eventually reach the ropes forcing the break.

70Eventually Edge would clothesline Jericho out of the ring, but Jericho would be the first to get to his feet and it looked like he either had enough or was up to something sinister cause he grabbed his belt. How much did both of these guys have left in the tank? Jericho would grab Edge and use the ropes to deflect Edge into the referee. With the referee not paying attention, he then used the title to hit Edge, but Edge would kick out on the ensuing pin attempt. Jericho was both shocked and frustrated that Edge was not put away after the shot with the title. What was Chris Jericho going to do and what did Edge have left after the shot with the title? As soon as Edge rose to his feet, Jericho nailed him with another codebreaker that finally found its mark. Jericho pinned him and the referee counted 1-2-3. Jericho was the winner of the match as he retained his world heavyweight championship. What a great match between the two former best friends. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.