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x240-2tFThere is always a method to my madness and there is an obvious reason why I chose this specific match from WrestleMania XXVII. At WrestleMania 33, John Cena is teaming up with his girlfriend Nikki Bella to take on The Miz and his wife Maryse in a mixed tag team match. If the WWE was smart, they would have the Miz win that match for more bragging rights and something new for himself to say on the air. It also all started at WrestleMania XXVII when The Miz took on John Cena at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta as the Miz defended his WWE Championship against Cena in the main event. When the match started, The Miz was trying to ground Cena with a side headlock, but Cena showed why he was more powerful by simply shoving him off. The Miz had to think of a new gameplan because matching power with Cena in the match was a foolish move so he decided to bend the rules a little. A wrestler always takes advantage of the referee’s five count and The Miz definitely did that as he gave the boots to Cena in the corner. The Miz was now in full control of the match after a huge Irish whip the corner and his patent awesome clothesline in the corner.

3But like any John Cena match in history, you have to stay on top of him at all times otherwise he super Cena’s up and he delivers a gut wrench suplex out of nowhere. Like anything though, Cena would give up his advantage to The Miz who began to work away on the head of Cena with big shots that seemed to knock him off his game for most of the match. At one point in the match, you had to wonder what kind of a force Alex Riley was going to be for The Miz on the outside and after a turnbuckle was exposed, he grabbed Cena and smashed his head against it when the refs back was turned. The Miz would then nail the Skull crushing finale, but Cena would kick out on the pin attempt. When he tried for a second one, Cena got out of it, but it forced the Miz to run into the referee knocking him down. With the referee down, Riley would once again come to the aid of the Miz and he used the briefcase on Cena. Unfortunately for The Miz, Cena would kick out on the pin attempt. Riley would come on to the ring apron and he would try his best to distract the referee from what The Miz was about to do, but unfortunately for Riley, he’d get the briefcase to the head and Cena would deliver one hell of an AA to The Miz.

72The Miz would to many people’s surprise kick out of the pin attempt. The Miz would roll to the outside only to see Cena charge at him like a defensive lineman and clothesline the champion over the timekeepers cave area. As soon as The Miz climbed the security barrier to possibly escape, Cena speared him over it and to the crowd’s area. The referee would then count both men out and he would reach ten before he went over to check on them as he ruled the match a draw. Then out of nowhere, The Rock’s music hit the speakers and the people’s champ made his way down to ringside. The Rock rejected what the Anonymous Raw General had written and exclaimed that the match was now a No DQ, No Count out match and that it was to be restarted. Then as soon as both men entered the ring, John tried for the AA, but The Miz held on to the rope and as soon as Cena turned around, he received a Rock bottom from the great one. Miz ever the opportunist, covered Cena for the win, but The Rock wasn’t finished there. He began laying the smackdown on The Miz right after the match. The Rock would nail one hell of a spinebuster and he followed it with a people’s elbow that buried deep into the heart of The Miz.