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20130304_Large_WM_Pre_DelRioSwaggerDespite being all over the internet due to the hacking scandal that is out there, Alberto Del Rio was once a viable force in the WWE. He was actually a heavyweight title contender and a former World Heavyweight Champion especially at the time of WrestleMania NY/NJ (WrestleMania 29) when he faced Jack Swagger at MetLife Stadium. Jack Swagger was hot at the time of WrestleMania especially after earning a shot to face Del Rio at Elimination Chamber. The only problem is that when it came time for WrestleMania, he was in hot water after being busted with Marijuana which was a violation of the companies wellness policy so it was kind of known that he wasn’t walking out of Mania as the champion, but then again you never know right? I mean Jack Swagger was the most controversial superstar at the time with the promos of his manager Zeb Colter and their anti-Illegal immigrant stance. Nevertheless, Del Rio was ready to fly the flag of all immigrants at WrestleMania. When the match started, it looked like Del Rio was going to have full control of the match as he was fired up, but what kind of a role was Zeb Colter going to have?

73That question was answered almost immediately when he provided the distraction Swagger needed to take early control of the match. Swagger was just hammering away at Del Rio with some high knees to the midsection and anytime it looked like Del Rio had something going, Swagger was there to stop it almost immediately. Things looked like they could be over after Swagger hit the Swagger bomb, but Del Rio kicked out. Swagger’s cockiness would get to him after a high boot to the face looked to change the complexion of the match s Del Rio fought back with some big clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. After a kick to the chin and a failed pin attempt, Del Rio started calling for the cross arm breaker as he chanted “Si” to the crowd, but a belly to belly temporarily from Swagger derailed plans. After several exchanges between the two, Swagger would finally lock in the patriot lock and things looked bleak until Del Rio reversed it into the cross arm breaker only to have Swagger reverse that back into a patriot lock to which Del Rio had to grab the ropes. Colter would once again prove to be an asset as he attacked Ricardo Rodriguez on the outside which distracted Del Rio enough for Swagger to attack him. As soon as he threw Del Rio back in the ring, Del Rio would slap on the cross arm breaker and he had no choice, but to tap out as Del Rio retained his World Heavyweight Championship.