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wrestlemanie-31-brock-lesnar-roman-reignsSo this year is officially the first time that Seth Rollins will be at WrestleMania since WrestleMania 31 where he faced Randy Orton, but there is an obvious method to my madness here. At WrestleMania 31, Brock Lesnar was defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the number one contender and winner of the Royal Rumble 2015 Roman Reigns. It was a huge opportunity for the final member of the Anoa’i family that we are covering and he wasn’t backing down from the beast incarnate and the conqueror of The Undertaker’s streak the year before. Romans tried to get to Lesnar from the beginning, but Brock was too much for him as he nailed Roman with a German suplex and an F5 to start the match off. Lesnar stayed on top of Roman, just systamatically punishing him with right hands and knees to the guts and suplexs. Anytime, Roman would put up a fight against Brock, Brock would end the fury with a suplex. You had to wonder how much punishment could someone like Roman Reigns endure throughout the whole entire match. At one point, he hung Roman on the top of the rope and just started kneeing him repeatedly. He was lucky referee Mike Chioda didn’t disqualify him after almost reaching the full five count.

74At one point, it looked like Roman might make a comeback with a big knee and some kicks to Lesnar’s chest, but a big clothesline from Lesnar ended that attempt. At one point in the match, Lesnar had hit Roman with ten suplexes and three F5’s, but Roman never gave up. When the two were on the outside, Brock was going to slam Roman’s head into the steel post, but Roman used Brock’s momentum against him sending him into the post which busted the beast right open. Roman would go on a flurry hitting Lesnar with three superman punches and two spears, but the big man wouldn’t stay down as he kicked out of the pin attempt. Roman would attempt a fourth superman punch, but Lesnar caught and F5’d him. With both men beaten and battered on the mat, a familiar song hit the speakers of Levi Stadium. That music would belong to the Architect Seth Rollins who ran all the way down to the ring to cash in his money in the bank briefcase. The crowd just went absolutely nuts because this was the first time anyone had cashed it in at WrestleMania during a main event too.

75The only question was who was Seth going to try to cover first or what was he going to do which was the same question Paul Heyman was pondering. After kicking Reigns out of the ring, he nailed Brock with one curb stomp, but he didn’t cover him. He hesitated for a minute because when he went for a second curb stomp. Lesnar caught him. As Lesnar went to hit an F5, Roman speared the both of them sending Brock to the outside. Seth being ever the opportunist, delivered a curb stomp to Roman Reigns and covered him for the 1-2-3. At that moment, we had a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the era of the architect had begun.  Unfortunately, we all know what Seth’s fate would be later on the year, but for now some of us were super excited at the time. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.