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77You can’t have WrestleMania without one of it’s most iconic figures in Andre The Giant and the WWE paid tribute to the eight wonder of the world by creating The André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in his honor. With Cesaro and The Big Show already winners of the battle royal, the question going into WrestleMania 32 was who was going to win the third annual edition of the battle royal. One of the shocking entrants of the battle royal that joined Fandango, Damien Sandow, Big Show, Viktor, Diamond Dallas Page, Konnor, Tatanka, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Goldust, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, Heath Slater, Tyler Breeze, Mark Henry, Bo Dallas, Darren Young, and Kane was the one and only Shaquille O’Neal. It was one of those moments of the battle royal that you kind of got excited for because you knew a confrontation with The Big Show was eminent. The two started it out with a stare down before Kane walked over foolishly thinking he would chokeslam the both of them, but they ended up chokeslamming him before all the wrestlers attacked them. After brushing all of the wrestlers off of them, Fandango got cute trying to get a moment, but he was eliminated by the Big Show.

78.pngSandow tried to get cute as well and Shaq eliminated him allowing the two to finally confront each other. The two would have a stalemate trying to choke slam each other before all of the competitors eliminated the both of them. That is when the melee happened as bodies were literally flying everywhere, but somehow when the numbers were dwindling down, the social outcasts were still in the match. No need to worry though because Kane and Baron Corbin began cleaning house before Kane attacked Corbin forcing Mark Henry to finish the job. At the end of the match, it looked like Kane was going to dominate the match as he eliminated Bo Dallas and Darren Young at the same time, but Corbin came from behind and eliminated Kane to take the trophy home. He was the first NXT wrestler to win the trophy and he would make his official jump to the roster that night. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.