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20170322_NXTTakeover_Orlando_AlAlmas_logo--b8288a7119a0acd803f2d34cf9f60d69With WrestleMania 33 officially in the books, it’s time to check out some other matches from all around, but first we need to check some NXT action. One of the debuts that I was anticipating at NXT Takeover: Orlando this past weekend was the debut of Tommy End a.k.a. Aleister Black who took on Andrade “Cien” Almas in a one on one match at The Amway Center. Aleister’s entrance was very intriguing and you could tell it scared some in the crowd and Andrade was wondering how to approach him at first. When the bell rang, the both of them tested each other technically with the end result being pretty even with Andrade showboating at the end of it. After a little more showboating from Almas, Black decided that it was time for him to show off after backbody dropping Cien to the outside. It looked like he was going to attempt a missile dropkick or a suicide dive to the outside, but Cien spotted it coming and moved, but so didn’t Black as he used the ropes to flip and land right into a cross legged position. He was eventually able to land some leg strikes, but Cien would get the best of him with a chop to the chest.

81Cien began dominating the match, but he wasn’t being really smart as he continued to showboat during the match almost allowing Black back into the match, but he stayed on top of him. One of the things Cien should have done was attack the legs instead of concentrating on the arms because he legs got him out of the armbar situation and saw Black go on a flury which ended with a moonsault out of the ring and on top of him. After trading shots back and forth, Cien climbed the ropes and tried for something, but Black caught him and powerbombed him. When he went for the cover, Cien would kick out at two and he would lock in the fujiwara armbar on to Black. Was Black going to tap out on his debut or was he going to find a way to get out of the hold? That was the question and what Cien was hoping to do as he wanted to play spoiler. You have to give Cien credit because he was hanging in there with Black and for a while he was dominating the match until some high knee strikes to the head helped set up black mass for Black who got the 1-2-3 right after. Cien was a great first test for Aleister Black who I hope will have a bright future in the company.