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82Usually I would not do this, but since I filmed the segments and placed them on my new Youtube channel for Mr. X’s Punch Out, I figured I would cover it for Main Event Madness today. I recently attended WrestleMania 33 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando when a cosplay battle broke out between a cosplay Stone Cold Steve Austin and a Cosplay WWE referee. After confronting the referee for throwing out fans from the stadium, he gave the ref a stone cold stunner and started beating him. After another battle broke out between Austin and the NWO (I do not have this video) someone else came calling for Cosplay Steve Austin and that was The Ultimate Warrior. He called and called for Austin and he came calling back and the two did battle. Austin was winning the war of punches at first until the Warrior delivered what I can only imagine was a backbody drop (but no one really wants to get hurt so we’ll call it that). After giving him the boots, Austin got up and started fighting back, but Warrior was too good. He would deliver a punishing clothesline and a big elbow, but as soon as he went for the pin, Austin would kick out.

83As soon as Stone Cold got back up to his feet, he’d deliver a stone cold stunner to The Ultimate Warrior, but the Warrior would kick out at two during the pinfall attempt. As soon as he rose to his feet, he picked Austin up for one heck of a gorilla press slam, but when he went for the pin, the referee stopped at two and allowed Austin time to kick out. This angered the Warrior and it distracted him as it led him to confront the referee. This allowed Austin time to compose himself as he got up and attacked the Warrior pummeling him to the ground. He covered him for the pin and was successful. Then out of nowhere as he celebrated came a flying Cosplay Kalisto which led both the Warrior and Austin to double team him and pin him for the win. Then as soon as Austin begins to celebrate again, here comes Cosplay Ric Flair. Ric Flair locks in the figure four leg lock and gets the win over Austin. It was a lot of fun even though it wasn’t professional and it was a huge highlight of the day for my friends and I who all attended Mania for the first time in our lives.