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hardys-young-bucks-supercard-of-honor-xi-645x370-1484992369-800While Matt and Jeff Hardy made a huge gigantic splash at WrestleMania 33 when they returned to win the Raw Tag Team Championships, they were in Orlando the night before for another organization. The Hardy’s had won the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships from The Young Bucks back at Manhattan Mayhem VI in the beginning of March. The Young Bucks were not happy that they had lost their coveted titles so they challenged The Hardys to a ladder match at Supercard Of Honor XI which took place from The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida. during WrestleMania weekend. The Young Bucks kicked things off by attacking the Hardy’s almost as soon as they tossed their titles down, but they ended up paying for it as they dropped elbows on one and leg drops on another. Jeff proceeded to try and hit poetry in motion, but was superkicked by Matt Jackson. The Bucks Tried to superkick Matt, but he he threw Matt’s leg into Nick and began to bite Matt again. You have to remember that a match like this is all about the spots because that is what these two teams are guaranteed to do.

84The Bucks began to take control of the match with a double stomp to Jeff with Nick rolling into a lungblower to Matt who was in the corner hung upside down. The Hardy’s retaliated by countering kicks into simultaneous twist of fates. As soon as The Hardys went to the outside to grab ladders, they allowed Matt and Nick to regroup and deliver a baseball slide knocking the ladders into them and they proceeded to drop kick Matt off the ring apron. The Young Bucks then decided that they wanted to try and climb the ladders to grab the titles, but The Hardys had other plans as they simultaneously knife edge chopped the Bucks in their respective corners. It looked as if we finally going to have a team take advantage as The Hardy’s were taking it to the Bucks throwing each member into a ladder right in the corner. Matt was the lonely one in the ring that had to prevent both Hardys from climbing the ladder and the only thing he got was a ladder to the head that sent him right through a table. The Hardy’s needed to try and take advantage of this because you can never count the Bucks out of a match especially when they are hungry for Gold.

85Matt would bark some sort of order at Jeff and he would go to the outside to Nick and bring him into the ring for something I can imagine is not that good. It didn’t matter at first because Nick started fighting off the Hardy’s attempt and barked at Matt, but Matt took care of him with a crucifix powerbomb. Nick would attempt to Irish whip Jeff into the corner, but as soon as Jeff tried to use the corner to leap frog over what he assumes is a charging Buck, he gets superkicked for it and then Matt catapults the ladder into his face. Immediately after that, Nick moonsaults out of the ring and into Matt Hardy. This match was nuts and it swings in so many different directions. If things didn’t get any crazier, Nick performs a 450 right onto Jeff Hardy who is on top of a table being held down by Matt. This match is two different generations of tag teams that are the best at what they do going at in the ring. Matt Hardy tried climbing the ladder when it was all going down, but he got an exploder to the turnbuckle with a kick to the back of the head at the same time.

86The Hardys would get their revenge as they grabbed Nick by the legs delivering an inverted wheel barrel and slammed him through a ladder break the ladder. Matt was left to defend the turf and he did so by taking out the Hardys and especially Jeff by swingging over and delivering a DDT on the ring apron. Matt Jackson decided to climb the ladder after placing Jeff Hardy on a table on the outside, but Matt Hardy had other plans as he got him down and suplexed him. Nick grabbed a second ladder brought it in, but Matt caught up to him. Matt tries pushing the ladder over, but Nick hops onto the next one, but the ladder is pushing his ladder over so he does a springboard moonsault out of the ring and on top of poor Jeff Hardy who is on the outside on top of a table. That was easily the spot of the match and the spot of the year so far. The teams were engulfed in a battle for the belts as they hit each other with everything they had, but poor Matt ended up going through two tables on the outside.

87It was just pure mayhem for the rest of the match as they tried their best to grab the titles that were hanging there, but we all know only one team could walk out champions. At one point, Nick was fending off the Hardys by himself until Matt joined him for a superkick party to the back of Jeff Hardy who was doing a flip from the top rope. When they delivered the superkick party to Matt Hardy, he somehow bounced back off the ropes and clotheslined the duo. The next spot of the night came when Matt backbody dropped Nick to the outside through a table with Matt Jackson backbody dropping Jefff Hardy through a table on the outside on the opposite side of the ring. The two would swing around the ring and meet each other only to see Matt Hardy give Matt Jackson the side effect through a table. How in the hell were both these teams still in the match at this stage in the game especially after 20 plus minutes of destruction. I have no idea, but it makes for great entertainment.

88.pngNick and Matt Jackson want the titles so bad that they literally dragged the ladders with their shoulders into the center of the ring while crawling there. The two teams climbed the ladders and began to do battle with each other as they hammered away. Then as soon as it may have looked the Hardys were about to grab the advantage, they get superkicked off their ladders by the Bucks who then grab the titles for the win. What a match this was, a potential tag team match of the year when it comes time to vote. I have to agree with a statement that some teams do not need the WWE to be who they want to be, just look at what The Young Bucks have done and how successful they have become doing it. Indy wrestling is crazy and it’s definitely where it’s at. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.