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90There is a wrestler from Mexico that has caught my interest because of the way he looks. Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling has always captivated me because of how laverish and cool the costumes and masks can be of the Luchadores. Whether he is called Penatgon Jr, Pentagon Dark, Penta el 0M, or Penta el Zero M, he has caught my attention and I have been meaning to check out some matches from him. I thought what better place to start than Lucha Underground which is now available as we speak on Netflix (seasons 1 & 2). We are going to season one, episode four which was titled Thrill of The Hunt and it featured Penatgon Jr taking on Fenix. The match started off between the two and it was pretty even for the most part at first as they let kicks fly, sunset flips for pins, and standing moonsaults. You could tell that there was a respect between the two of them, but Fenix didn’t take it lightly as he delivered a huricanrana that sent Penta to the outside. While on the outside, Penta was met with a flying Fenix who did a crazy flip over the top rope.

91Fenix was in control of the match and after throwing Penta back into the ring, he performed a springboard leg drop from the top rope that connected. That was not enough to put him away as Penta kicked out at two. Despite an effort from Penta to fight back, Fenix was able to turn it into a crazy springboard dropkick that was amazing to watch. Fenix was simply dominating the match with a springboard lucha armdrag and he follows that with a corkscrew springboard tope that was totally awesome because this is what Lucha wrestling is all about. Penta earned a little bit of a break after leap frogging over a charging Fenix and he turned it into a modified lung blower. Much like most of the match, Fenix was back up and he hits Penta with a koji cutter. As soon as he was back up to his feet, Penta hit him with full nelson pump handle driver that looked devastating, but Fenix wasn’t giving up. After a devastating chop from Penta, Fenix was able to retake the advantage and in total disregard for his own saftey, hit him with a dropkick to the back on the ring apron.

92Fenix began to waste a little time as he liustened to the crowd chant, “This is awesome” which allowed Penta to hit him with sling blade, but Fenix kicked on on the ensuing pin attempt. Penta began digging deep to try and put away Fenix, but nothing was working as Fenix just refused to give up. You could tell that the frustration was starting to set in for Penta. Penta decided that it was over so he climbed the ropes, but he took too long and Fenix rose to his feet and hit with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. With Penta hanging there, he grabbed him and hit him with the Spanish fly and that was all she wrote for Pentagon Jr. What an incredible match that has left me wanting more and more so I will definitely be watching out for more. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.