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93I know what your thinking when you read the header and you wondering how is Luke Harper and Randy Orton a team and who are they facing in The Wyatt Family besides Bray Wyatt? After losing his WWE Championship to Randy at WrestleMania 33, Bray came out and challenged Randy to a match and after Randy accepted, he was attacked by Erick Rowan and Bray before Luke Harper, the recently ousted member of the family came out to the rescue of Randy. This set up the tag team match that main evented Smackdown Live this past Tuesday. Randy and Erick started out the match in the ring and almost immediately Randy tried to hit an RKO, but Erick was able to counter with a spinning roundhouse kick. When we came back from commercial break, Bray was in the ring with Randy. Randy was able to separate himself from Bray after getting out of the way of a charging Bray that allowed him to make the tag to Luke, who started cleaning house. With both Bray and Erick on the outside, Luke went for a suicide dive which saw Bray sacrifice Erick allowing him to clothesline Luke as soon as he got up.

94As soon as he threw Luke back in the ring, he tagged Erick in, but before he left he hit Luke with a running senton and Erick followed that with a big splash. Erick just began to dominate Luke not giving him a chance to take the advantage in the match with one attempt being ended with a spinning powerslam of sorts. Bray continued the domination as well and it looked grim for the team of Orton/Harper, but something had to give. At one point in the match it looked like Bray was going to try for a running senton again, but Harper rose to his feet and slammed Bray to the mat which allowed him to tag in Randy who now had to deal with both Rowan and Wyatt. It didn’t matter because a huge powerslam to Rowan and the patent DDT from the second rope to Wyatt took care of that problem. Unfortunately, when he was about to coil up for the RKO, the lights went out in the arena in Orlando. When the lights came back on, Bray was on the entrance ramp and Rowan tried to attack Randy, but he was superkicked by Harper and was hit with an RKO immediately afterwards. That was all she wrote as Luke and Randy picked up the win. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.