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96.pngThis past week’s NXT show on Wednesday was a taping that apparently took place during NXT Takeover: Orlando/WrestleMania 33 weekend. The main event of the night featured a local wrestler to me in Oney Lorcan (once known as Biff Busick) and so I have decided to cover his match for today’s Main Event Madness match. The only problem is that heading into the match, Oney had no idea who his opponent was going to be for the night hence the three question marks you see above. When it was finally revealed, it was a masked man with a guitar named El Vagabundo (The Drifter in Spanish) and like someone else known as the drifter, he began playing a song for the crowd. Unfortunately for him, Oney Lorcan was not a fan what so ever of his song and he called him out on it. It didn’t matter much because he caught Oney with a cheap shot to the gut and the match began. As soon as the bell officially rang, he continued his assault and eventually bodyslammed him and then proceeded to throw Oney out of the ring.

95When we came back from commercial break, El Vagabundo was still in control of the match as he was beating Lorcan from corner to corner not allowing him to have any real attempt at offense. It wouldn’t last very long as Vagabundo had him set up in the corner, but when he came launching towards him, Lorcan moved out of the way forcing Vagabundo to hit the corner. Lorcan then proceeded to launch his body into Vagabundo in the corner seven times, but Lorcan stopped to ask the crowd if they wanted one more allowing Vagabundo to come from behind and hit him. When Vagabundo went to pick him up for what I assume was a bodyslam, Lorcan squirmed his way out of it pulling the mask off of Vagabundo at the same time revealing it to be former NXT superstar Elias Samson (he lost a loser leaves NXT match to Kassius Ohno). The distraction was all Lorcan needed to then hit the blockbuster to end the match up between the two. It was a fun match showcasing why NXT is awesome to watch.