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97As a kid, I was always fascinated by a Japanese wrestler that went by the name of the Great Muta mainly because he shot green mist into the face of opponents. For a long time, I didn’t realize that there was a wrestler before him who was considered the first to spray the “Asian Mist” at opponents and he was the mysterious Great Kabuki who made a name for himself in WCCW, Mid South Championship Wrestling, and many others including All Japan Pro Wrestling where our match takes place from today as he faces Tiger Mask II (Mitsuharu Misawa). The first part of the match featured both wrestlers testing each other technically with arm drags, hammer locks, etc and for the most Kabuki was in firm control of the match early on not giving up his armbar or hammerlock that he would transition into when Tiger Mask tried to get out of it. In fact for several minutes, he would block attempt after attempt controlling the match from the mat, slowing the pace, and not allowing Tiger Mask to do what he does best. After a couple of minutes, it looked like he was going to make a break for himself, but Kabuki did not fall of the sunset flip and he went right back into the hammerlock.

98.pngA minute later, he would try to break free again and again he would end up back in an armbar of sorts from Kabuki. Kabuki was dominating the match from a technical stand point and he was keeping Tiger Mask off his game. After forcing Kabuki into a pinning position, he was forced to break the hold and Tiger Mask was able to create some separation with an amazing drop kick that connected and launched Kabuki across the ring. It looked like Kabuki was going to regain control after reversing the Irish whip, but a back body drop from Tiger Mask sent him to the outside. It was here that Kabuki was going to pay because as soon as I thought of it, Tiger Mask launched himself over the top rope into a crossbody on the outside. Almost immediately, he started beating Kabuki on the outside with a steel chair relentlessly. Kabuki was busted right open as the referee forced Tiger Mask back into the ring as he attended to Kabuki. He continued the assault as soon as Kabuki entered the ring.

99The only thing is that you can never underestimate Kabuki who quickly put the knees up when Tiger Mask attempted a splash. A neck breaker that followed allowed Kabuki some time to regain his composure and as soon as they got tot heir feet, Kabuki laid out some huge shots that connected with Tiger Masks chin. Tiger Mask tried to apply a headlock to Kabuki, but was launched into the referee almost immediately knocking the referee to the ground. With the referee down, Kabuki nailed him with a vertical suplex and then a flying fist from the top rope, but there was no referee for the pin attempt. Kabuki got up to try and figure out what happened and as soon as the referee showed life, Tiger Mask hit Kabuki with a suplex and followed that with a German Suplex into a bridge pin attempt. The only problem is some guy on the outside interrupted the count by attacking Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask confronted the man only to be hit by him and Kabuki instead of taking advantage delivered a chop to the guy who was helping him forcing the referee to call the match. An all out mele ensued on the outside between the guys in yellow and black and bot competitors who were also still trying to beat the hell out of each other as well. This was far from over!