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wwe-draft-2016-seth-rollins-dean-ambrose_3747807Tonight on Monday Night Raw, it’s the superstar shakeup that apparently is going to spill over to Smackdown Live on Tuesday as well. We believe that this is the WWE’s way of saying that it’s sort of a draft where wrestlers are going to change brands, etc. July 19, 2016 was the WWE Draft that saw our two brands split into two and the big difference from then to tonight is that Kurt Angle is running Raw now and not Mick Foley. Nonetheless back in July, Raw had the first pick and they chose Seth Rollins with which Smackdown Live countered by choosing then WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. At the end of Smackdown Live from Worcester, Seth had a chance to take the WWE Championship to Raw as he faced Dean in the main event of the night. As soon as Dean was being introduced by Jojo, Seth came from behind and just began brutally attacking Ambrose eventually tossing him out of the ring. He would continue his attack outside throwing Dean into the steal post before going back into the ring to transition for a commercial break and the bell hadn’t even rung yet at this point.

100When we came back from commercial break, the referee was asking Dean if he wanted to continue to which Dean motioned yes. The bell rang and Seth came after Dean like a man on a mission as he continued his assault with a falcon arrow. Seth was angry, he believed that he won the match against Dean the previous night on Raw so he was taking his aggression out with clubbing blows and kicks to the cranium. Things looked bleak for the WWE champion as he was taking punishment from Rollins constantly that it made you believe that something had to give soon. After taking the fight to the outside, Dean was able to get some breathing room after he backbody dropped Seth over into the timekeepers area. It didn’t last long for Dean as he climbed the announcers table and he attempted a crossbody, but he missed and hit the barricade. Seth ever the opportunist, threw Dean back into the ring and hit him with springboard knee to the head. Then to put the finishing touches, he hits Dean with the Avada Kedavra. Unfortunately for Seth, Dean would kick out of the pinfall attempt and we would go right into another commercial break.

101As soon as we got back from commercial break, Seth was acting like he had the match in the bag slapping Dean around and just toying with him generally. It would prove to be a mistake for Rollins as Dean came flying out of the corner with one his patent clubbing clotheslines. He followed it up with chops and punches and even a swinging neckbreaker that almost got him the win, but Seth kicked out at two. Dean tried to climb the ropes for what I imagine was an ax handle smash, but Seth countered with a kick to the gut and an exploder suplex to the corner. He tried climbing the ropes to hit Dean with a frog splash, but Dean moved out of the way just in time. After hitting Dean with an eye poke, he tried for the pedigree, but ended up on the outside instead which allowed Dean to then hit him with a topé suicida. Ambrose then threw caution to the wind when he went for a flying elbow from the top to the outside that connected. Dean took too long to climb the ropes again which led Seth to deliver a superplex, but it didn’t matter because as soon as he went for another, Dean reversed it into dirty deeds. That was all she wrote as Dean retained the title and kept it on Smackdown for at least another night.