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6One of the biggest stories from WrestleMania 33 weekend was the appearance and official return of Drew McIntyre at NXT Takeover: Orlando. It had been three years or so since Drew had stepped in a WWE ring and this past Wednesday, he did just that as he took on Oney Lorcan in his very first match back. McIntyre had traveled all over the world during his three absence from WWE and he gained some valuable experience in doing so and he had his mind set on one thing and that was the NXT Championship. The match started out with both men trying to jockey for the advantage and McIntyre got the best of him first with the celtic cross. Lorcan would return the favor with two huge European uppercuts that left it’s mark as it sent McIntyre out of the ring and he followed it with a huge moonsault over the top rope on to McIntyre. It looked as if Lorcan wasn’t done as he climbed the ropes, but when he went for it. McIntyre caught him and bodyslammed him on the ring apron. That was definitely going to slow down any momentum Lorcan had as we headed to commercial break.

7When we cam back from commercial break, McIntyre was in control of the match with some vicious knife edged chops that he delivered with another celtic cross that followed. McIntyre got a little too cocky as Orcan was able to reverse the Irish whip attempt into a running  blockbuster. As he climbed the ropes, he was met by McIntyre who delivered a devastating headbutt. When McIntyre attempted to deliver a superplex from the top, he was hit by Lorcan which caused him to crash down on the ropes jewels first and then he was hung upside down. The only problem is that Lorcan took too long to do anything and McIntyre took advantage by sitting up and throwing Lorcan over him off of the top turnbuckle. The two then began exchanging blows with each other, but in the end. McIntyre had the best of the exchange when he hit Lorcan with the claymore that turned him inside out and apparently busted him open as well. In the end, McIntyre was the winner of the match and he once again proclaimed after that he was in the right place that he needed to be after all.