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8Tonight for the second time ever, Pro Wrestling Magic is hosting the battle between “The Juice” JT Dunn as he takes on “Limitless” Keith Lee in a one on one battle for the ages at I Made It Through The Rain which will be live at Ridgefield Park, NJ. The first time I ever saw Keith Lee in person, I was blown away at what exactly the man could do in the ring and to match him up against the pro wrestling savior had to be pure magic which is why for today’s Main Event Madness match, we are checking out their first match which was held back on September 17, 2016 at Limitless. The match started with both men essentially jaw jacking each other and then showing each other what they had with JT Dunn choosing to go to the outside of the ring first. When he came back into the ring, Keith asked that he basked in all his glory, jaw jacked a little more and then used his body to block a cross body attempt from Dunn. Keith began to toy with him as well when he caught JT and rocked him like he was a baby in his arms. When he asked to be put down, Keith simply dropped him to the mat.

9After going back and forth exchanging maneuvers, JT was able to take advantage when Keith showboated a little too much with some huge kicks to the face and a knee followed by planting Keith Lee face first into the mat. JT continued his attack on Lee, hitting him with chops and kicks that left their mark on the big man. All it took for Lee to regain the advantage from Dunn was a huge chop to the chest and an hurricanrana from the 300 plus pounder that absolutely amazed the crowd. After a big Vader like splash in the corner and a devastating chop, he took too long to listen to what the crowd had to say as it allowed JT to get back in the game with a double chop thrust to throat and a huge cross body that brought the big man down. JT continued his assault on the outside of the ring as he narrowly escaped getting suplexed on the ramp by reversing it into a DDT. JT ran back into the ring where he told the ref to begin the count. As the referee got closer to 10, it looked like Lee was not getting up. Then all of a sudden as soon as the referee hit 9 on his count, Lee got up and leaped back into the ring to stop the count.

10JT got a little too cocky for his own good as Keith exploded out of the corner with a huge clothesline that he’d follow up with a big elbow tackle, a flapjack, and a crossbody to the back of JT Dunn. With JT in the corner, Lee approached him, but JT thrusted him off and into the referee knocking him down. Lee immediately attended to the referee to check on him when JT asked for a stuffed animal cat. When Lee turned around, JT threw him the cat and nailed him with the death by elbow. When he went for the cover, Lee was able to kick out. JT tried to continue his assault, but that was halted when Lee shoulder tackled him so hard that it sent him out of the ring. Then all of a sudden, Lee put his finger to the sky and you could only imagine what that meant. Then it happened, the true first holy sh** moment of the match when he launched himself over the top rope in a moonsault on top of Dunn and several others who were attending to Dunn. This is what indy wrestling is all about people!

11The two of them were throwing everything they could at each other for the rest of the match. Dunn tried to take advantage of the match when he hit an unbelievable Canadian destroyer on the big man. Unfortunately for him, Keith Lee would kick out of it. When he tried for the death by elbow, Lee was able to launch him into the air for what at first looked like a last ride, but it was a sit out powerbomb. Much to the amazement of Lee, Dunn was able to kick out at two. He would try for it again, but this time around Dunn was able to counter out of it with an elbow to the face. However, it didn’t send the big man down, but a second death by elbow would do the trick as Dunn covered Lee for the 1-2-3. Dunn was the winner of the first encounter between the two so we’ll have to wait until after tonight to see who wins the second. Check out Pro Wrestling Magic’s official site here and their Twitter site here. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.