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12.pngToday is Easter Sunday so I figured I would incorporate a little bit of the spirit of the day with a special match that took place 11 years ago. There was an angle going that had Mr. McMahon constantly testing Shawn Michaels and his strong faith and beliefs in God. Remember, nothing is safe in your life when it comes to Vince McMahon and a strong story line. So, Vince and Shane challenged Shawn Michaels to a no holds barred tag team match, but the only problem is that Shawn couldn’t choose anyone to be his partner other than God and the fight would happen at Backlash 2006. Vince was starting to insult Shawn and his religious background when Shawn decided to get things started by socking him right in the mouth. He took care of Shane with some rights and a backbody drop and then he launched himself over the ropes and on to Vince with a crossbody. He would then launch himself over the ropes on the other side in a moonsault on to Shane McMahon. Shawn continued his assault on Shane all the way up the ramp where eventually Mr. McMahon would join in on the fun. After slamming Shane into the Backlash staging, he launched himself at Mr. McMahon with a crossbody right into the staging area below.

13It looked like Shawn was going to be in control of the match, but as soon as he climbed up the stairs back to the ramp, he was nailed with the chair by Shane McMahon which busted him right open. Shane began senselessly beating Shawn from the top of the ramp all the way back to ringside. Things looked bleak for Shawn as Shane just kept chipping away at the then future hall of famer. At one point, it looked like Shawn was going to retake the advantage, but Shane squashed that with a big DDT. Vince was begging to get in the ring so Shane made the tag only to see Vince take off his belt. He started whipping Shawn like a government mule repeatedly. After he was done with that, he grabbed a metal trash barrel from Shane and he nailed Shawn with it keeping him on the mat and helpless. Vince would then resort to grabbing a microphone and he began patronizing Shawn by calling out to God asking him, “Where are you going God?” Then he would boldly state, “God has left the building!”

14The big mistake was that Mr. McMahon gave Shawn time to recoup while he was going through this spiel that when he attempted Shawn’s own move the superkick, Shawn caught his foot and started attacking Mr. McMahon. After hitting Vince with a running forearm, he kicks himself up to his feet only to dodge a running Shane who has a chair in hand that hits his dad with it by accident. With Vince down, Shawn begins to work on Shane as he hits him with a flying forearm, followed by the kick up, an atomic drop, a bodyslam, and finally a flying elbow. Shawn was feeling it as he tuned up the band and nailed both McMahons with a superkick (not at the same time). Instead of just covering one of the McMahons, Shawn decided to grab two ladders (to set them up on) and a ladder. Shawn climbed the ladder, but instead of jumping off to the McMahons, he jumped on The Spirit Squad who had just arrived ringside. Before you knew it, the Spirit Squad took care of Shawn Michaels and hit him with the high spirits through a table. That allowed Mr. McMahon to ultimately make the pin and steal the win from Shawn. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.