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15Back in 2011, WWE had their reality show Tough Enough where men and women competed for a contract in the WWE. During that season of the show, I truly believed that Luke deserved to win the season and get his WWE contract only because I thought he was better than Andy Leavine (The eventual winner). Unfortunately, the cards didn’t land in his favor and it was back to Indy wrestling for him which brings us to today’s match. At CTWE (Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment) annual event March In Madness IV, he would take on one of my favorite members of The Kingdom in Matt Taven who was accompanied to the ring by Kasey Ray. Matt Taven started out the match getting the best of Luke Robinson with the shoulder block and then a slap to the face that was to get in the head of Robinson, but it didn’t work. Luke began tuning up Taven with some chops and even hung on the ropes and swung the ropes until he flew off them. The redneck rock star was in firm control of the match and he continued it with an impressive Lou Thesz press from the middle rope.

17He continued his assault on the outside of the ring, making fans leave their seats so that he could continue pounding away at Taven while also getting him familiar with the Bethany Town Hall. Unfortunately, Robinson’s cockiness got the best of him eventually when Taven caught Robinson’s crossbody attempt and slammed him against the steel post. Robinson would try to fight back, but a stun gun and a spinning heel kick would halt any attempt from him. Taven would work on the small of the back of Robinson which was a smart strategy and anytime he nailed him with a backbreaker, he would go for the cover which was smart. After being in an abdominal stretch for a bit, he was able to break out of it, but he had to fend for himself in a fist fight with Taven which he would get the best of. This alerted Kasey Ray who would then climb to the ring apron to try and prove to be a good distraction as Robinson was caught with a superkick for taking his eyes off of Taven. Taven wouldn’t hold on to the advantage for long, but Kasey Ray would make the save again for Taven. After missing the Asai moonsault, Taven would get hit with a superkick to the side of the head. When Robinson went for the cover, Ray would interupt the count and Robinson would confront her. While he was doing this, Taven snuck up, hit him with the low blow, and pinned him for the 1-2-3. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.