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1I have been a big fan of Braun Strowman since he debuted with the Wyatt Family only because I saw huge potential in him. Here is this massive figure that can be a dominant force as long as he fine tuned his game and that he did as it has paid off for him since he is getting the big push. On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, he began the show demanding competition from Kurt Angle and then he began decimating the locker room by taking out Golden Truth first followed by Kalisto before The Big Show stepped up to him. It then became clear that the main event of Monday Night Raw was going to Braun vs The Big Show. As The Big Show was making his way to ringside, Braun exited the ring and rushed right over to Show starting the match in a slug fest with Braun getting the best of the first exchange when he launched Show right into the security barricade. The Big Show got the best of the second exchange with some huge rights and lefts as he launched Strowman right into the steel steps. If you are expecting a wrestlimg match, you can forget especially with these two behemoths going at it.

18The Big Show continued his assault in the ring as soon as the bell rang by hip tossing Strowman out of the ring to which he followed that up with the world’s largest baseball slide. Strowman would finally create some separation with a big dropkick after he ducked a clothesline from the Big Show. Then it shocked me when they started having a wrestling match. Show had a wrist lock on Strowman and as he was trying everything he could to get out of it which included a kick up and and arm toss that broke the hold. Both men would then attempt to bodyslam and suplex each other with The Big Show getting the bodyslam. When he attempted the choke slam following that, Strowman blocked it and nailed him with a vertical suplex. The two would trade heavyweight shots for the rest of the match with Big Show nailing him with a chokeslam or Braun nailing him with a big powerslam. Nonetheless both of them refused to give up. Then it happened, The big Show had climbed the ropes only to be met by Strowman who would superplex him causing the ring to implode and collapse. There was no official winner, but Strowman was the last man standing.