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19Today’s matchup has been one that I have been waiting to see for a very long time because it takes two of my favorite guys from 205 Live and pins them against each other. I was a huge fan of TJ Perkins since I saw him in the Cruiserweight Classic last year in the WWE Network and I have been following him ever since. I have been a huge fan of Austin Aries since the first time I watched him in TNA Impact Wrestling. He was a guy that I always said along with Bobby Roode that they did not belong in TNA, but rather in the WWE. Who do I route for in this match or do I just sit back and enjoy the competition between the two when they collided on this week’s edition of 205 Live. During the traditional handshake that usually takes place before the match, TJ spit in his own hand before extending it out which angered Aries a little to the point that he slapped his hand away. That in turn, saw TJ leave the ring and he wouldn’t come back in until Aries was sitting in criss cross apple sauce (I’m politically correct) at his side of the ring.

21Once he entered, both men were testing each other out with Aries getting the best of the exchange working on the shoulder of Perkins. Although, it wouldn’t be long before Perkins was able to counter into a head scissors lock, but he could hold on for long as he had to weasel his way to the outside because Austin almost countered into the last chancery. After making the mistake of climbing the ropes, Aries found himself on the mat being punished by Perkins who was finally able to take control of the match. TJ for a while in the match looked like he had things under control, but he was just way too cocky for his own good. He at one point would one foot on the chest and dab cover Aries which angered him, but Perkins would remain in control. A failed standing tumble weed from Perkins would give Aries the control he needed with a big chop to the chest, a pendulum elbow, and a side slam would put Perkins down, but he would kick out on the pin attempt. With these chain of events happening, TJ would get his biggest oppurtunity of the match.

22Aries would hit a neckbreaker using the middle rope to assist him which basically set up the chance to hit the 450 splash. When he went for it, Perkins moved out of the way, but Aries was able to land on his feet. The only problem is that he tweaked his knee and Perkins set him up in a knee bar submission which he has won so many matches using. Perkins was on top of his game at this point working on the knee of Aries with some swift kicks and even a double chicken wing gutbuster that had a little effect on the knee. The great thing about Aries that he never quits and he fights back which he did in this match countering out of the detonation kick and hitting him with a belly to back overhead suplex. He wuld eventually hit Perkins with the 450 splash, but Perkins knew where he was in the ring and placed his foot on the rope. The damage though was really done to Aries who when he locked in the last chancery, couldn’t put any pressure on one his knees which allowed Perkins to put his foot on the rope again to get out of that.

23Aries was getting a little frustrated and rightfully so as we have been witnessing an amazing match on 205 Live. Perkins was smart as he rolled himself out of the ring to give himself a breather while forcing Aries to come out and get him if he wanted him. Aries was having a hard time lifting Perkins to get him back in the ring, but when he did it looked like Perkins was basically playing possum as he got up in an instant and drop kicked Aries. When he attempted the detonation kick again, Aries would once again counter out of it with a hand clap over his ears and he followed that up with the discuss five arm which was all it took to defeat Perkins as he got the 1-2-3. Right after the match was done, Neville made his way to ring side and they collided, but Aries was able to get him in the last chancery before Perkins interjected himself saving the King of the Cruiserweights. They began to lay it into a helpless Aries who couldn’t defend himself. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.