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20170414_nxt_tyedillingerericyoung-5d31c9b344141a6f2230f9bba9de7055Last night on NXT, it was the end of a rivalry as Tye Dillinger, the newest face on Smackdown Live, was saying goodbye to NXT after 15 years trying in the business with a Steel cage match against his biggest rival of late in Sanity’s Eric Young. Eric had been chasing Dillinger for a long time always trying to get him to join Sanity. Eric has always for the longest time had the advantage over Dillinger with the numbers game, but the steel cage was a hopeful suggestion to keep the rest of Sanity out of the match and out of his way. After trading opening shots at each other, Eric young took first control of the match after a rake to the eyes to which he followed by throwing Dillinger against the cage. Eric Young with years of experience under his belt inside of a steel cage was ready to show Dillinger why. When we came back from commercial break, Young was still in control of the match and he was “ravenous” according to the announcers and he looked it as he punished Dillinger. After using the cage as a weapon, he would attempt to escape by telling the ref to open the door, but Dillinger quickly latched on.

26.pngYoung would continue to punish Dillinger in the ring and any attempt Dillinger tried at having offense or an escape from the cage was quickly stopped by Young who hit him at one point with a huge sit-out powerbomb. Before our next commercial break, Eric would try to escape by climbing after he was stopped trying to use the door. As he climbed, Dillinger quickly stopped him and bodyslammed him to the mat allowing him a chance for a breather during the commercial break. When we came back from break, Dillinger was throwing Young against every corner of the cage returning the punishment that was dished out on him. He would continue the punishment by stomping a mudhole in him and he followed it up with one hell of a superkick. The first holy sh** moment of the match would happen next as both men climbed to the top of the cage and just started exchanging haymakers. Dillinger would fall to the mat, but instead of climbing out of the cage, Young decided to go to the very top of the cage and he dropped a huge elbow on Dillinger.

27Instead of climbing out of the cage like any smart person would do, he elected to stay in again after Dillinger had grabbed his leg. The consequences of this, Dillinger was able to execute the Tye breaker to buy himself some time. Dillinger would try to take advantage of the situation as he crawled his way to the cage door, but as soon as he got there, Sanity members Killian Dane and Alexander Wolfe shut the door while Nikki Cross attacked the referee. As that was going on, Kassius Ohno and Roderick Strong came to the rescue of Tye Dillinger. Now Dillinger had to fend off every member of Sanity as Killian Dane and Wolfe were trying to make his life a living hell. At one point, he was on top of the cage and he leaped off and hit both Dane and Young with a crossbody. As soon as he realized that Wolfe was coming over the top to get in the ring, he crawled out of the cage and was your winner of the match. Not a bad way to end your time officially in NXT and with that said, I want to wish him good luck in the WWE. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.