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30It’s been a little while since we had an Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) match here on Mr. X’s Punch Out and there is nothing better in that company than their X-Division. It’s the division that built that brand to where it is with guys like Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, The Motor City Machine Guns, and so many more came through that division. On the live episode of Impact Wrestling yesterday, they decided to have a six man X Division championship match with champion Trevor Lee (accompanied to the ring by Gregory Helms) defending his belt against Sonjay Dutt, Suicide, Dezmond Xavier, Andrew Everett, and a mystery opponent which turned out to be former X-Division champion Low Ki who was making his fourth return to the Impact Zone in Orlando. With six men in the six sided ring at once, you knew you were bound to get some holy sh** moments in the match for sure. Trevor Lee was not happy about having to defend his belt against that kind of odds so he kciked off the match attack Andrew Everett first. Of course, it became an all out war at ringside as everyone was just going at it, but Trevor Lee may have benefited first.

31He attacked Low Ki from behind and temporarily put him out of the picture in the corner before he tried to work on Suicide. Suicide was however ready for him as he set up in a butterfly like submission hold. Dezmond would try to get himself some of Suicide, but he found himself in the same submission hold. Then out of nowhere, Sonjay takes Dezmond and does a running swinging DDT, but he used all of the competitors to do the swinging DDT. Every single competitor would then try for a drop kick all at the same time, but no one connected. Trevor Lee would attempt to attack every competitor in the ring, but then he was drop kicked by all five men at the same time. Dezmond Xavier quickly took over the match with some impressive handstand flips as he dodged opponents in the ring and flipped onto opponents to the outside of the ring. When we came back from commercial break, Trevor Lee was in the ring and he laid a vicious standing double foot stomp on poor Andrew Everett, who by the way had been calling him out for weeks. As I said before, these types of matches are all about the spots that happen and there’s plenty.

32Lee was a man on a mission in this match as he tried to make sure that no one else entered the ring while he worked on Everett to which he slammed him against the corner. After clearing the ring again of any intruders by Lee, we were shown Sonjay Dutt who was on the outside of the ring with one eye swollen shut. We were wondering how he was going to continue in the match, but it didn’t matter as Lee was still in control. Everett tried to fight back, but Lee was too good and was quick to end his attempt at a run. Lee continued to grind down Everett, but Everett’s counter the springboard handstand elbow would give all the other competitors the chance to get back in the ring. Somehow though, Lee is able to clear the ring again after hip tossing all of them in the ring. Then in a matter of seconds all hell would break loose in the ring with Lee hitting Suicide with the collision course, but then he and Low Ki would team up to get rid of him.

33Then out of nowhere Dezmond hits a 619 using the ring post instead of the ropes onto Low Ki. After missing the double foot stomp onto Low Ki, Dezmond was hit with a huge dropkick that sent him flying into a turnbuckle hard. Then out of nowhere, a one eyed Dutt hits Low Ki with a splash, but he can’t get the pinfall. Then Suicide was able to get rid of Dutt, but when instead of springboarding onto Everett in the ring, he does a springboard trust fall of sorts on to Lee, Dutt, etc. Then Everett to top them all, does a springboard shooting star press to the outside on all of them for our next holy sh** moment of the match. After hitting Dezmond and Lee with Frankendrivers, Everett was sent to the outside by Low Ki who would then deliver and double stomp to Lee. It’s a no brainer at this point as Low Ki covered him for the 1-2-3. We have a new X-Division champion. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.