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evolve 67For today’s Main Event Madness match, we are going back to the indies to check out a man who has been making a name for himself in the indies. We are watching Cody Rhodes taking on another man who say goodbye of sorts to the indies in the one and only Chris Hero. The two locked it up at Evolve 67 which was emanated from the Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gymnasium in New York City and according to cagematch.net, it is a highly recommended match to watch which is why we are checking it out today as well. Cody Rhodes had proven to this point that he could hang with the best of them but he hadn’t faced Chris Hero, a true legend of the underground who stood his ground and was originally let go from the WWE for it (as far as his weight issue). Before any action would ensue, they were looking for affection from the crowd which seemed to lean more towards Cody. Cody would ultimately extend his hand for a handshake before the match, but Hero wasn’t having any of it as he slapped Cody in the face. An ultimate sign of disrespect from the knock out artist, but no worries as Cody retaliated with a dropkick that caught it’s attended target. After putting the boots to him, Cody would look for a handshake again, but Hero wasn’t having it.

35To continue the mind games with Hero, Cody went to the outside and he shook the hand of everyone in the front row. Hero would finally go to shake Cody’s hand, but he attacked him during it, but Cody got the best of the exchange with some vicious chops and he lifted him for what looked to be a vertical suplex, but he held him in the air for at least 20 seconds or more and just dropped him on his face. The battle would pour out into the crowd where both men just brutalized themselves in the name of wrestling. Chris would eventually get the best of the mayhem as when both competitors entered the ring, he was in control of the match. During an exchange, Cody had reversed an Irish whip to the ropes by sending Hero towards them, but when Hero went over, he manage to land on the apron, but it looked like he had tweaked his knee a little during the landing. Apparently, he had entered the match with a knee injury of sorts, but he is a tough guy who wants to continue. So, the match was temporarily halted while Chris was walking it off. But it was all a trick as he shot out of the corner of the ring with a big kick to the head of Rhodes.

36Hero was in firm control of the match as he dished out the brutal attack of his which included the discus elbow (death by elbow), but he couldn’t get the pinfall. At one point, he was distracted by a fan on the outside who was holding a big head sign of Dusty Rhodes’s head to which he grabbed and used it as a weapon on Cody. After a little bit of showboating with the sign, Hero decided to climb the ropes with it, but Cody cut him off and delivered an awesome superplex. Hero tried to use the knee injury again to stop Cody’s run, but he didn’t buy it as he attacked Hero. Cody would then try to hit a moonsault from the corner, but Hero caught him and hit him with a cutter. He would follow that up with the death by elbow, but Cody refused to quit as he kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt.

37Both men were trying everything at this point to put the other down. Hero would go for the ripcord elbow, but Cody would counter. Both men would hit each other with impressive bicycle kicks and Cody even hit Hero with the disaster kick, but Hero refused to quit. Cody would try for the cross-rhodes, but Hero would counter it into a short piledriver, but Cody still refused to stay down. Hero would look to try the ripcord elbow again and he connected, but no dice on the pin attempt. At this point, you were wondering in the hell was it going to take to win? Then it happened, a moment that would shock the crowd for sure. Cody had just hit Hero with the cross-rhodes, but Hero had kicked out. While on the ropes trying to catch his breath, Drew Galloway came out of nowhere and hit Cody with a cowbell. After three rolling elbows and one ripcord elbow, Hero pinned Rhodes for the 1-2-3. Thanks to Galloway, we had a winner that night and a what a way to ruin a run. Hey, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and while you are it why don’t you follow us on Twitter too.